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Yo everyone please collect my gig and Ill collect yours too!


Just as the title says, collect my gig and Ill collect yours too. If you have multiple gigs just

leave a link to your fiverr profile and Ill just collect it from there…anyway heres my link:

Ill reply to your link post here once ive finished collecting it so

please make an effort in following this post.

lets help each other by collecting gigs :)>-



Please collect my gigs:



please mine


Reply to @abelg99:

collected all of them! thanks a bunch dude!

hope we both get more sales.


Reply to @themarsart:

done collecting

thanks for collecting mine too!




Reply to @silentsword18:

done collecting your 2 gigs thanks a bunch!!


collected yors gigs

Please collect:✓&query=samitha15&x=33&y=17


Reply to @samitha15:

Collecting done in all of your gigs ms.samitha!

thanks for collecting mine!


Anybody else wanna collect?


Collected! Do collect mine at



please collect mine


We have collected all of your gigs! Please collect our 3 gigs :slight_smile:


Yo Ive collected all your gigs and I accidentally collected the tips gig I hope that ok?..anyway thanks a bunch!!


Done collect mine;


thanks :slight_smile:


Reply to @mindcandii:

Done collecting thanks??


Reply to @harmonycadence:

Done collecting it dude thanks!!


Reply to @bomajed:

thanks for collecting!!

im done collecting yours thanks again!!


Collected! Please collect mine.