Yo MissCrystal - Good Job!


Just saw that you’ve crossed 3000 reviews…all at 5 stars…Awesome :sunglasses:


Well done @misscrystal!


Wow, way to go MissCrystal! :tropical_drink:


The only question is, is using magic to accumulate glowing reviews tantamount to gaming the system itself?

Only joking. Well done Miss Crystal. :wink:

By the way, I think Writer is spying on you. Best surround your property with a circle of poor people and out of work bank tellers to keep him from getting too close.



LOL…I have this friendly competition with MissCrystal, I was ahead of her for a long time, but she is well ahead of me now.


I’m only 2853 reviews behind :smiley: lol


Congrats @misscrystal . Some people are really Inspirational… When FIVERR comes in mind she also comes in mind…



Congratulations! Here is o your continued success.


Can you tell me that how you achieved it?


Congratulations @misscrystal :slight_smile: !


way to go @misscrystal what a beast!


Congratulations! to Miss Crystal for her achievement and to writer for draining my heart allotment for today with this thread :unamused: :wink:


I still remember the moment I met miss crystal in this forum. I think my first words were “gosh I love your username” :smiley: Suffice to say that we love (each in their own normal or weird way) & respect her, and I wish a simple congratulations would be enough. I reckon it ain’t, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Gosh I love your GIF miss crystal! It’s so you!

– cheesy mode off.