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Yoga vs Gym: What and Why?

Please share your opinion and experience. Also, if you had to choose one which would you?

I think gym, because it transform your body in a good way, looking handsome and healthy

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I never did gym.
I do running and then yoga.
It’s keep me mentally and physically strong all day long.

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Yoga Vs Gym :
Short Answer : Yoga : Anytime, Anywhere, for Anyone.
Gives you Mental and Physical Strength without any fear of Injury.



There’s no need to confine a spectrum as large as movement within any boundary, regardless if you call them CrossFit, Yoga, Tai-Chi, Gym, BJJ or else.

It all falls under the umbrella of movement and movement itself in its purest, most creative and liberated form is the most satisfying and beneficial.

Although I almost agree with you, I asked this to know your opinion, if you had to choose one, which would you?

I would make the choice of not choosing any - as it’s limiting without any reason or benefit.

I choose movement. The full spectrum of it.

Now, if I wanted to specialize in a single element of movement, I’d have to train confined within its boundaries of course.

However, most people never reach the skill and dedication that enables specialization and as a recreational habit - I always choose movement.

Not crossfit, not gym, not Yoga, not Tai-Chi, nor K1, MMA, or Kick Box.



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