"You are a freelancer and you get to do whatever you want"


And so it came to pass that at 9.30am on the 15th day of November I didst have 89% on one metric and my Golden Star didst plunge into the sea of purple (of course, as I write this at 11.30am, my metrics have all returned to green as various orders have been marked as complete).

In fairness, I did deserve it, my performance as a seller had dipped I suppose. Not that any clients were affected, it was more the little things like requesting extensions and the like that were left behind. I also basically disappeared from here and neglected my modding duties, only taking some time to check out the forum while travelling to or from somewhere.
So gather around kids and I’ll tell you the story of the guy who tried to have it all and ended up losing the part that was least important (even if it still stung a little).

So anyway…

It all started a couple of weeks back when I went out for a drink. Yes, despite my nationality, this was a rarity for me and yet it all seemed quite normal at the time. I mean, lots of people go out, meet people, spend some time doing stuff other than work, right? The small pang of guilt I felt for allowing myself to leave when I had orders in queue was silenced by the fact that I knew I had been up since 7am and had finished almost 13 hours of work and that I would also do a similar number the next day.
However, little did I know that the events of the evening would cause a ripple effect that would carry on and have such a devastating effect.

See, I used to be the guy who would do 4-6 hours of actual work per day. But then I began to get clients outside of Fiverr and my workload increased. Like a good little freelancer, I didn’t allow myself to get carried away, knowing that things can change within days, so I tried to keep up with everything. Everything meaning work of course, nothing else should really matter, right?

After several weeks of this, I was eventually embarrassed into going out to meet up with friends who I had almost forgotten existed. I prepared myself by aiming to clear as much as possible before going and with the intention of having a quiet night out so I would be able to start work again early the next day. Be a Doer, amirite?
So anyway…

All was good, all was going to plan, I had even managed to get some more orders by casually responding to Fiverr messages while pretending to those there that I was texting someone else. Then came the moment that changed everything… I got talking to someone I didn’t know…

So [friend] says you are a freelancer and you get to do whatever you want” they said innocently.
I smiled the condescending smile of a freelancer who knows that he must not show any sign of weakness lest the muggles realize that life is not all rosy in freelancing and replied “Yeah, it’s great, what do you do?”. “I’m here to learn English”
And so it continued, this conversation, when I realized something was happening that I had not experienced in a long time. I was being chatted up. All the signs were there; the needlessly close proximity, the laughing at inane jokes, the “will-they, won’t-they” looks from others present. My head was spinning.
What, why, who, how?
How do I handle this - must resist urge to check phone after that notification! Must put the fact that my 3-hour response time is not good enough to the back of my mind. Must… I checked my phone. It was spam. Ugh…

Somehow I hadn’t scared off my conversation partner with my weird compulsion. In actual fact, it turned out they also had a similar compulsion - they are what is known as a micro-influencer on Instagram with a decent following. Being the marketing dude that I am, we got into a lot of discussion about that and how they were doing, their strategy etc.
Oh, did I mention that they were absolutely stunning? No? Ok. They were absolutely stunning. I would give a description but I feel I may not be believed so I will leave you to imagine your own idea of what stunning looks like.

So, anyway…
We ended up exchanging phone numbers (yeah, people still do that) and arranging to meet again the next day. We went to the zoo the next day, in the daytime. We spent a long time there, talking, laughing, even saw some animals I think.

And so this pattern continued for a few days, and then it was a week. Suddenly things like Delivered on Time did not seem so important. The unfortunate timing of having a ton of work build up in that period didn’t help. For reasons that will forever haunt me, I didn’t go on Out of Office mode, I didn’t even extend gig delivery times. I was riding high in the rankings in 3 different categories, I didn’t want to risk it.
I guess I wanted to have it all and that I fooled myself into thinking that working really really hard in the early morning and afternoon (almost like a 9-5 job except earlier and later!) while spending my evenings with Bae was going to be enough. It clearly wasn’t and I found that I tended to doze at random times.

So anyway…
There are probably lots of details I could go into but to be honest, I have a load of work to do and am hoping to go see that special someone later so I am gonna cut this a bit shorter than I wanted to.
In closing, I have now lost TRS and while I could pretend I am not annoyed by it, I am a little. Not at Fiverr, but at the system which takes nothing of real importance into account. The following should be considered I think.

  • The last 30 days has seen me earn more than any other month I have been on Fiverr
  • I have a similar amount in my queue to be completed by the end of the month.
  • I had one unhappy customer out of 110 in the past 30 days.
  • I was 1% below the required metric for 2.5 hours on evaluation day…
  • I am going out with a stunner for over a month and it’s going well.

So anyway…
I will probably miss the badge, mainly as I can’t say “as a TRS…” any more and because purple isn’t really my color. Maybe I will keep my relationship going and end up in blue next month. Blue suits me better anyway, matches my eyes I have been told.


  • Was really busy,
  • Met someone,
  • Took eye off metrics (not customers),
  • Lost TRS,
  • Mildly annoyed,
  • Not sorry.




It was a nice read, thank you. I’m experiencing something similar, lost my level 2 seller badge to level 1; lost it because I have to cancel 3 orders in one week. The old me would be very pissed but now my mental health is more important. I don’t care about the badge anymore, potential buyers don’t even care :beer::beer::beer:


Fraternizing with normals in the real-world? That’s no excuse.

You know what will happen don’t you? You will be stood at the altar thinking “it’s okay, I’ll level up after the honey moon.” Then, just as you are about to say “I do,” your blushing bride will turn around and say:

"Actually Eoin, I work for Fiverr and this was all a test to see how committed you are. I’m sorry but I’m going to have to demote you now."

Obviously, well done on fine-tuning your romantic skills. :+1:


Now that you mention it, I’ve never seen them in the same place at the same time as Matt.


The Losing TRS Effect - 7 days to 14 days clearing…
Gonna be some cheap dates next week!


Fact is we are not freelancer, we are doer(employee) who work for fiverr(our boss).


Fact is, that is factually incorrect. Matter of fact, you are, in fact, most certainly a freelancer. This is a statement of fact, as factually established within the Fiverr TOS.


Uber also said their drivers were self employed. Though an employment appeal found they weren’t (assuming certain conditions were met, eg. the app was turned on, they were accepting assignments etc).


This 14 day clearance delay has always bugged me.
However, I have to admit it’s an excellent protection for Fiverr and they don’t have to provide any protection to the sellers :slight_smile:

For example, let’s say I’m a scammer and I’m looking for free work.
I hire someone for let’s say $100. I get the logo or whatever and then I file a chargeback.

  • I get my money back because Fiverr won’t fight for $100
  • Seller loses valuable time and doesn’t get anything because Fiverr says “we lose you lose”.
  • Fiverr doesn’t really lose anything. It’s like the purchase never happened.

Now if there wasn’t 14day delay then seller would get the money and Fiverr would be out of $100. This means they would actually have to fight and prove to PayPal that service was provided.

Chargebacks may also occur after 14 days, but then Fiverr will simply take the money from your balance or from your next order which has nothing to do with the chargeback. How motivated would you be to work for something to clear negative balance for some historic order?

Anyway, if you’re a freelancer you get to do pretty much what you want, but the only condition is that your freelancing can’t depend on any platform such as Fiverr.