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"You are dishonest."

Hi Everyone,

I’m dealing with one of the most difficult buyers I’ve ever worked with on Fiverr. In fact, the experience has been so frustrating that I’m thinking of deactivating all of my non-PRO gigs.

Here’s what happened in a nutshell: A native English speaker asked me to “proofread [his] web copy, correct the grammar, and make it sound logical.”

I quoted him my proofreading rate and made sure to clarify it was my proofreading service he wanted.

Now, I offer three packages in my proofreading gig: proofreading, copyediting, and copyediting with comments and feedback (content suggestions, basically).

I spent several hours on the 4,300-word project, eliminated every error – of which there were many – and delivered the files with and without track changes.

The buyer has since called me “dishonest” and a “liar”; he’s saying that I “knew what [he] meant” when he asked me to “proofread” his work. Since I didn’t offer content suggestions and essentially do a writing job, he is disappointed and has been sending rude messages for a few days now. I told him that had I known he wanted a copyediting or writing job, I would have charged him accordingly, or directed him to a more appropriate seller.

His response? “You knew what I meant.”

Apparently I knew what he really meant when he asked me to proofread his work.

He’s threatened to leave a one-star review several times now, and I told him to please feel free to do so. I stand by the work I delivered, and Customer Support agrees that I submitted the documents as described when this buyer asked for “proofreading.”

I’m getting so irritated – and for whatever reason, he still hasn’t left the review he’s threatened multiple times – that I want to give him his money back and stop bracing myself for his next message.

Most recently, he wrote: “You are dishonest. I have been the president of multiple companies and this is a one-star service.” And while I’ve encouraged him to contact CS about six times now, they’re telling me he still hasn’t reached out.

What do you think he wants from me at this point? He still hasn’t asked for a refund, and I’d rather not offer one on principle: He asked for proofreading, and I gave him proofreading. Have you been in a similar situation?


He probably knows why he still hasn´t reached out to them. I´d just ignore him after the “dishonest”, “liar” or save your message to him about contacting CS as a “quick response” and resend it in case he keeps this childish behaviour up for long enough for you to worry about your response rate.

Or ask him why he isn´t still president of the first company or if those multiple companies were all founded by himself, or what this has got to do with anything, at all :wink: but no, I wouldn´t engage any further than this.

And don´t refund him, why should you, when even CS already looked and agreed that you did your job, you´d probably regret that for a much longer time, not because of the money, but because of the principle, than you´ll have to endure this, at some point he´ll have to give up, or Fiverr will probably ban him for harassing you. Of course, he might come back with another account if he does that to keep in touch with you or make you do what he wants for whatever reason, apparently, that happens, but I´d say cross that bridge when you´re there.

Good luck for it to be over soon, sounds very stressful.


Thank you for your response – I appreciate it!

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Barking dogs usually don’t bite.

I’d follow @miiila’s advice.


@maddieco I’m really sorry to hear you’ve been getting so much flak from a buyer. It sounds like they’re trying to blackmail you and get free stuff out of you. I would suggest blocking them, simply report their message and check the “I don’t want to receive messages from this user” box. I would also voice my complaints again to CS, since this is harassment at this point. You should definitely not refund him and if he leaves a bad feedback, I think you should definitely take it up with CS. Don’t let people like that get you down. There’s always going to be someone like that, just don’t take them personally and keep on being awesome.


Thank you! I have 1,200+ positive reviews of this particular gig, so I’ll gladly take the one-star rating if it means this buyer will leave me alone. I’m just sick of getting messages from him. I appreciate your support!


He wants you to be so afraid of his threats that you’ll do whatever it was that he really wanted. Write his website content? Strip in front of a camera and beg him not to give you a one star review? Does it matter at this point?

Don’t refund him, you know you did good job. Respond as little as possible, but as often as necessary so that he can’t claim that you were unresponsive. Keep it professional, so that he can’t claim that you were rude to him. Sooner or later, he’ll get tired, or CS will ban him for harassment.


He is hoping for a refund without actually asking for one.
He was surprised when you told him to go ahead and leave a bad review, and sees that it won’t work.

Respond as little as possible or not at all from this point onward.

I’m sorry you had to experience this. He will probably give up and go away soon.


I’m sorry you’re going through that, Maddie. This person is a very bizarre individual, and trying to figure out what motivates him to treat you this way - would make someone go nuts! We’re not mind readers, and he clearly expects us to be.

When he says “I have been the president of multiple companies” - a rational person doesn’t have to try to self-inflate to get his way. I seriously doubt the validity of this claim.

I agree with blocking the person, and just never having to deal with them again. I got a 1 Star review a while back - and I fully believe it was because I wouldn’t give the person a discounted rate. I stated that in my response, and moved on. Brush off the dust from this person! He’s not worth any stress.

You bring up an interesting point, Maddie. Since I started offering PRO gigs, this type of interaction has almost disappeared for me. I have 1 non-PRO gig left, to serve several pre-existing regular customers. But otherwise I don’t have to deal with buyers who feel entitled to discount my work with a low rating because I wouldn’t haggle over price, or for whatever reason.


@catwriter nailed it.

There are Buyers who will threaten Sellers by saying they will leave a one star review or cancel the order thus negatively impacting the Seller’s ratings and analytics. Don’t be intimidated.

You know you completed the job, so you should be compensated. Don’t reduce yourself to unprofessional behavior. Hold your head high and know that this Buyer’s threats are not a reflection of your work. He is merely trying to intimidate and manipulate you for his personal gain. You got this.


Thank you so much for your detailed response! I’m already feeling better about the situation, and appreciate that others are helping me put it in perspective.

And with that attitude, I am sure each and every one of them has gone under.

For some reason, this response reminds me of the Navy Seal meme (Can’t post it, so look it up).


Oh my word. I would flag his message and say it is harassment because it clearly is. I had someone call me racist because I would not accept an article submitted to my website. The article was terrible and not written by some that was English - so he lashed out at me. He also threatened to contact CS and tell them about my “racist behavior”. I reported him and he was blocked from being able to contact me.

Some people just don’t know how to behave. Try not to take it personally and forget about it.


Thanks for your response!

I’ve contacted Customer Support multiple times, and they keep telling me to keep on eye on him because he’s becoming “more stern,” but that his messages aren’t quite harassment. Ugh.

I’m sorry to hear you’ve gone through a similar experience. Some people are exhausting!

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Needing to tell you he has been the president of many companies shows what his problem is. What possible reason would he have say that?

He needed to ask you to do something he couldn’t. Having a pathologically weak ego that needs support any way it can get it, he put you down
and “proved” to himself his superiority over you by angrily claiming you
are terrible. This could be one of the hallmarks of a narcissistic personality. Bullying and insulting others is one of the trademarks of this type of personality disorder.


I highly recommend just ignoring him. Chances are he will stop quite soon… he’ll go and harass someone else. Trolls are like that - if they get no reaction they get bored.


You’re right. I’m still waiting on that one-star review he’s been threatening! He obviously just wants to intimidate me – and while I’m willing to be flexible with buyers who want revisions, I’m sticking to my guns here. This client asked for the wrong thing!


True. He has a Top Buyer badge, so I’m sure he’ll be on another power trip soon.


You’re very welcome! Great that you can shake off the effects of his nonsense!


An old quote comes to mind, that I think is apropos:

“Some people are experts at clipping other people’s wings, because they themselves cannot fly.”