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You are killing the market!

So, I have been reading this forum for a few days now and received many good advices from the senior members. One of them that I have not done was to promote it on Social Media(s). I did that on my local site similar to Craiglist and I got lots of backlash and attacks from the locals that I am killing the market.

My gigs are all related to audio, music and guitar in general. I will remove that post later on but it’s been bugging me for the past hour. Are the people of my country outdated in terms of freelancing or I am really at fault here? All I wanted was just to reach a level 1 seller :frowning:


You are not at fault neither are you killing the market.


Everyone undercuts the market. The Saudis undercut the worlds oil markets, China undercuts the worlds manufacturing base, right now there is likely someone selling hotdogs cheaper than someone else. Don’t stress about it. Undercut the market to hell to gain entry. As soon as you can, however, start specializing and creating a service which is defined by quality and not price.

A lot of professional designers etc hate the gig economy because of the fact that people like you say that they can create a music track for cheaper or whatever. Realistically, though, you’re not taking customers whom they might have them pay hundreds away. You are catering (for the most part) to a target audience who can’t afford more mainstream pricing.

Don’t even entertain such criticism. If the people giving it spent more time marketing and providing appreciably amazing value, there wouldn’t be a problem in the first place.

You don’t look old enough to swear. When you are though, make a mental note to give your critics the middle finger and move on.


Good! Let them say whatever they want. What is to stop them from doing what you are doing? They are just envious of your ambition and talent. Pay no attention to them. Keep on with the ads.


That profile picture is actually me from 2012 ;p I’m 23 now, sad to be a tiny asian LOL

Right now I can’t seem to promote myself on social media without having the locals attacking me every single time and I feel that I need to think outside the box, and even further than that. I hate it when people keep destroying my dreams of being a session musician without quoting mainstream prices!

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No, you are killing their market, and I say go get em. Now back to making mo money’


Yes, it’s like, we are too lazy to compete with you, so could you just go away and allow us to just keep making money with minimal sweat, work and competition? As if the world ever worked that way.


Clappers gonna clap, haters gonna hate, don’t care about what they say, just count the profit that you make.


I believe the days of agents and the traditional way we’ve done voiceovers are numbered. The Internet empowers us to be the free agents we’ve always wanted to be, and not do audition after audition with zero results. I’d rather do multiple $5 orders than wait around for my agent to get me work.


“Killing the market?” Seriously? Sounds like they don’t understand how the market works. If they want to remain competitive, they need to get on board with modern business practices-- not shame people who are.


They have had a protected system free from competition with fixed rates for a long time. Sort of like travel agents before the internet.


I have just noticed that you are based in Singapore! I love Singapore but Singapore itself is a world beyond my level of affordability.

Anyway, that’s not the issue. The issue is that you are part of an extremely protective local economy. I can, in this case, actually understand why people on the local social media scene might give you a lot of hassle, In fact, I have had a similar issue where I live when trying to market offline. Apparently, they already have someone on my island who does SEO and they’re fine with that.

What I would suggest in your case, is trying to market your gigs outside of Singapore. Maybe, for example, look up some big game developers and where there development HQ is. Then promote things like your video game VO on local classifieds sites in those locations.

My impression is that the bulk of the highest-quality buyers come from North America, the UK, and Australasia. Of course, I might have got this all wrong and you might be doing this already. I just thought that the Singapore thing might explain the hate you are receiving.


It’s not something you should worry about.

There are tiers in every market. As you reach these tiers, your prices go up. Best believe every session musician started out “undercutting the market”. They now what to push over the ladder after they climbed it.

It’s completely possible for a customer to take advantage of the underprices newbie and get at least passable quality, thus leaving the higher priced session musicians in the dust. It is also possible for an industry, service, or product to become devalued to the point that a newbie is hurting themselves because they are ruining any kind of future raise of price they may seek. Because the new norm is the lower price, one that the community clearly feels is way too cheap, undervalues the market, and makes it harder for everyone to make a living.

With that being said… so what. That happens in business. That’s happened in general since the beginning of time. What do you do? A.D.A.P.T. If this is the career path you want, roll with the punches and stay afloat. That’s what the REAL winners of society do. If they want to blame YOU for THEIR failures/loss of revenue, they are probably losers. :face_with_monocle:

I had actually planned to post it on the local classified for VO, but they require me to put some hefty sum to place it for a year.

The gig that started this debate was actually my Audio Enhancement and Guitar Solo gig. Music and musician, especially electric guitarist are very hard to come by, and looking for players that can play exceptionally is even more hard to come by.

These professionals knew that they were the one manipulating the market, and started attacking me because of that. Some started saying “For $5, your guitar must be sheet”, and that is coming from a guy who is very well known Youtuber from Singapore.

I have to think of other ways to promote this, and its becoming very hard for me to.

Marketing is always hard. It’s like having a giant beanstalk in your garden, cutting it down so that people can see that your house is for sale, and then waking up the next day to find the beanstalk back and some travellers pitching up underneath it.

Just got to keep on cutting and punching your competitions lights out I’m afraid.