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You are late! deliver now!


Hi! I am [link removed - disallowed in this category] My buyer did not give me full instruction. She is taken a gig but not given me full instruction. I am just trying understand him for full instruction. As her wish I access her website within a registration process although I assumed that this is not a right way. I am just trying her satisfaction. There was not any option for posting because she did not give me admin url user name password. Now how can avoid a Late deliver and other ashamed thing which is not for me.


Cancel the order immediately. You cannot do the job.


Open a ticket with customer support and explain your situation. If you are already late this can result in an automatic negative feedback. For future orders don’t wait that long. If the client is unresponsive you might want to initiate a cancellation earlier instead of waiting until it’s too late.


Once a buyer doesnt give you full instructions within 1/3 of your needed time, send a dispute to either cancel the order or either to extend the delivery time.


All you can do is ask her for the information you need and if she doesn’t respond or doesn’t give you what you need then you will have to cancel.


It’s important to make order requirements mandatory. This way the clock will not start ticking before you have the info you need to start the job.
After I experience 2 times that a buyer seemingly fell from the planets surface after hitting the BUY-button and it took half a day to reach him, I made the requirements mandatory.


If we cancel that kind of order, isn’t our reputation go down?


Dude just cancel the order

Sorry to say but buyers like this who doesn’t give instructions is a cancer to fiverr community

In the beginning I faced a lot of problems like this Though I had orders but I didn’t have the instructions and another thing is that they didn’t message me before placing an order.

So just cancel it .Don’t waste time by thinking


what do you mean? Are you sure I don’t know.


I discuss with them but I am getting loss my delivery time 100% to 80%.


Thanks Everyone for helping me.


Cancel the gig and move on. There will always be buyers like that.