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You are not getting orders?


If you are troubled to get orders. I have some tips for you guys.

  1. if you are level one seller or level two seller must active your 20 gigs because it gives you maximum chances to get orders.

  2. before making any gigs kindly search your niche and find some best gigs which are getting orders and reviews and follow it.

  3. Don’t use any low-quality images. Kindly always use HD images for your gig to attract the buyers.

  4. Provide different services on your profile. if you are a designer then you have best opportunities to provide different services like ( Tshirt Design, Logo Design, Business Card, Letterhead, Stationary design, Vectorization etc.)

I hope these little tips help you to get your first order.



Thanks for your advice.

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Thank you for the Superb advice


Thanks for the advice😊

thanks a lot for the tips im new here

Thank you for sharing.
I don’t agree with the first tips. Making a lot of gigs also has no effect if we just silence without doing anything like promotion, hanging out at BR.
I prefer to create a portfolio album (for graphic design) and write a link on each gig description. and also write in every proposal we send to buyer request.
Sorry if I’m wrong, I just share experiences only :slight_smile:



I’m gonna try this! ^.^

Thank You for your tips!

Thanks good tips…

Thanks for sharing. Including this i would like to share that please add a video that describes your service made by you will be helpful to boost your gig.

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I am on my way to create some new gigs today.

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hello can you give me some wordpress website service tips…

Thank you for your tips, great reminders.

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Thanks for the basic tips. Sometimes it’s the common sense stuff that you tend to overlook.

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Great stuff here! Very practical yet stuff I needed to hear. Thank you!

Thanks for the advice

Yup, I agree with you. I have 2 gigs and right now it’s all I need.


Yeah, someone agree with me :relaxed:

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You made a GREAT point! :wink:

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That’s because I have tried it before and it has no effect on me :sweat_smile: