You are not permitted to view the requested resource


I just saw that message while I was visiting 499 replies topic (altogether 500):

What does it mean?

Here is the topic:

That’s the biggest Fiverr topic ever. That’s why I am visiting it.


It means that that post has been deleted because it was more than likely against Forum rules.


I can still see it! :wink:


I can see it. …


Yup. It’s visible but the thread is :lock:.

Refresh OP!


Yes, I can see it, but I thought he was trying to see a certain post and got the message. :thinking:


The post Is not deleted & also the thread is public (just closed for new comment). Sounds like it’s a bug.


Thanks for clarifying that Mr. wp_kid. :+1:


Hi again to all, here is what I see on a thread I replied:

(I keep restarted the page, but nothing happens)


When you see “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic” that means the thread was removed from the public view. Only the moderation team will have access to it.


Ok, glad you shared that with me! I thought I am blocked, :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grinning:


This one is different case. That post is hidden to public as OP requested to delete. That post is under review.