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"You are so expensive!"

I am constantly surprised by the number of prospective buyers who contact me requesting a quote and then are shocked when I go back with a price that is much higher than what they had guessed it would be.

The reason this is surprising is because all my prices are shown in my gigs! I provide exactly the same pricing methodology in communications as I would to anyone ordering from me. I know my prices are high, but two minutes spent looking at my profile and gig would tell my buyer if I was the right seller.

I am also a little tired of being asked for discounts, so much so that I am actually adding an FAQ to every gig:

What is your availability and do you provide discounts?
I do get booked up quickly due to high demand for my services, so I recommend contacting me quickly. Because of demand, I am not able to offer discounts. My pricing represents the professionalism, research, skill, and experience I bring to writing your content.

I get that my services are not for all buyers and budgets, but honestly, both they and I could save a considerable amount of time by doing a little research ahead of time. I hope that’s not too much to ask…

Incidentally, whenever a buyer does not go ahead, I always do a search on their behalf for similar content without Pro gigs shown first, and send them the link. At least that way they have something useful from me…


You are so nice, I personally would not be bothered.


I like to keep people on the platform - it’s good for other sellers, plus it only takes me a minute, and I figure if I am useful they may come back later when they have a higher budget.


Yes, I get it and that is why I say you are so nice. I would seriously like to know though if anyone of them has ever come back.

Oh, that’s nothing, Paul. Some Buyers haggle the $5/$10 gig Sellers. I don’t offer discounts of any kind. Either they pay the going rate or go away (meaning find another Seller to cater to their budget)

Occasionally, I get asked for discounts. The ones asking for a discount before placing the order. Most likely would give me grief anyway, can’t be bothered.

Bottom line: Some Buyers just don’t read. Reading is fundamental! No matter how much we tweak the descriptions and FAQs; there will always be a few that try to pull the wool :sheep: over our :eyes: eyes.

The beauty about Fiverr is there’s enough business for everyone. Different budgets, price points for all. :slightly_smiling_face:


Deep down, I know that… I am just an idealist though!


My favorite was when after I told a potential buyer that I do not offer discounts, he said to me, “You know nothing about business. Your prices are too high and you will starve to death.”

I got a good laugh out of that and then I raised my prices more.

I still have plenty to eat. :slight_smile:


What about the fact that for Translation and Proofreading there is a quote calculator built into the description so they simply enter their word count and the price shows immediately.
Still I get questions every day and exactly the kind of “too expensive” comments when I send a custom offer for the price, sometimes rounded down a little or with a delivery day shaved off where possible.


Fiverr is like the event horizon of a black hole. There the Jetsons are, flying along looking at all the $50-$300 regular retail prices in the universe. Then suddenly, they find themselves trapped on the Fiverr event horizon, where all the dollar signs look double the size they do in regular space, even though in reality, they’re much smaller.

As for why this happens, it’s complicated. A lot of buyers (bizarre as it sounds) don’t have any way of assessing the quality of what they purchase. To them, a written article is a written article, regardless of whether it was written by someone on death row for crimes against literature, or someone who actually cares what they are doing. It simply doesn’t make sense in this case, when you offer writing at $100 and another writer offers to do the same for $5.

Then it get’s even more complicated. I recently lost a regular to a competitor and what they are publishing now is abysmal. At the same time, however, they seem also to be paying someone to do some black hat SEO trickery on their site. Their online exposure is, therefore, increasing. (For now.)

I think in the main, it comes down to direct buyers vs re-sellers. To re-sellers, Fiverr is a content mill and nothing more. To end users of material, Fiverr is a place to connect with real freelance professionals. The latter are the buyers whom sellers should really try and target. The only problem is that raising prices can be detrimental for those whom have built up a semi-loyal group of easy to work with re-sellers who keep the lights on.

Then, of course, there are the cheapo’s whom tend also to be a touch clinically insane. A normal person, for example, would never say: “You are so expensive!” A normal person would not even message a seller out of their price range or if they did, at least act with a touch more civility.


My legal writing Gig has been on its corresponding sub - category’s first page for quite some time and I’ve found this exact thing happening to me.

The prices I charge are a reflection of “the professionalism, research, skill, and experience I bring…” and also the fact that I’m a qualified attorney. Studied for over half a decade to become one and everything.

My issue there is that the majority of my competitors, I think, possess no legal qualifications whatsoever, but rather are creative writers who find a template for a legal document online and just personalize it with the Buyer’s information. That’s how some Sellers can charge $5 for a GDPR - compliant Privacy Policy (which no self - respecting legal practitioner would even think about doing).

Most of my prospective Buyers either act surprised and indignant that I have the audacity to charge what my services are worth, or when I tell them how much my services would cost for them… they go radio silent.

Works for me either way. I don’t offer legal writing services for $5 on grounds of principle.


None of us have an intrinsic worth. You are worth what the market is willing to pay you as simple as that. It’s the same with any product or service. High price may not always mean high quality, unless you are someone like Paul, who has such a consistent track record over a period of time. Low price does not always mean low quality, Jeff Bezos became the richest man in the world by providing the lowest prices possible on everything.


Sadly, it’s not always about $5 v regular prices. Fiverr is the place to go to at the moment for cryptocurrency market ICO scammers. The scam goes:

  • Create your own form of cryptocurrency (Surprisingly easy)
  • Set up a one page website professing that you are an amazing new startup business
  • Argue a convincing case that if people will buy your coin, money raised will help you build out your business and your coin price will rise as a result

Key to pulling off a successful ICO (scam or not) is having a professional whitepaper which details how your coin actually works. Last year, ICO scammers subsequently started flocking to Fiverr to have these created and 99% are dire.

I do not offer this service but I do get asked to write articles breaking down new ICOs. In the majority of cases, I get sent links to whitepapers to use for reference which are simply unreadable. On investigation, it seems that even sellers selling $300 whitepapers are just recycling templates and cluttering these with complicated crypto-sounding terminology.

Demand can basically encourage even poor-quality sellers to drive up their ow prices.


And err… Not paying tax anywhere ever…

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Ohhh, don’t you love it when people tell you are too expensive. Meh.
Well, just this morning I got an order of $5…for a $40 translation gig.
I did tell the guy he needs to add more, it’s amazing…it says in the title, it says
in the description, but like Nika said, some people just don’t read. Sigh.
The guy hasn’t responded yet, I hope I get a nice “Oh I’m sorry, please go ahead and
charge me the additional rate!”
(I do get people like that every now and then)


Which is totally, laughable. :laughing:

I don’t care much for the bargain basement shoppers. They treat Fiverr like a swap shop or thrift store to haggle prices. Not on my :watch: watch!

The last Swap Shop, I went to was in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida :beach_umbrella: and I paid the Vendors a fair price. Hey, @fastcopywriter does that still exist? I remember they had the drive-in theater as well.


Because a $5 GDPR Privacy Policy template makes you GDPR compliant :roll_eyes:

Interesting that you would mention this. I was searching for a Seller to put together a GDPR compliance policy for my website. Did a search and it just seemed to good to be true. I assume most of these are templates, then again I could be wrong. :thinking: When it comes to my business, I don’t like taking the cheap route. I’m more than willing to pay a decent rate for quality work and not half-@ssed rubbish.

My research on GDPR Privacy Policies has revealed two things:

  • precious few people understand what complying with the GDPR even entails… which I suppose is fair because of how new it is; and
  • not many people have read the GDPR in its entirety, substantively or at all.

When did reading become such a chore for so many people? Reading is awesome…


When its legal mumbo jumbo reading is usually quite painful for most people. Give me a good book, I’m happy. Give me the Mircosoft Windows 10 TOS and after the first 300-words, I’m a Linux user.


I do this with 8 out of 10 buyers. It’s a win-win-win situation. Another seller gets a shot, the buyer gets it cheaper and I don’t have to bother with an order I don’t like.