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You can ask for reviews!

My brother sent me this link, so I know that sellers shouldn’t ask for a review or good feedback as it will probably get them a TOS warning for manipulating the buyer. However, the video in this article states otherwise. Let me know your thoughts on this, please.
Thank you!


The video is most likely not implying that you can ask for reviews, because that messes with Fiverr’s entire feedback system. I doubt they will ever support asking for reviews – and will, in fact, still warn users for doing so.


I agree it’s just that the video is part of a course to help the new sellers set their gigs and understand the process, and I feel like it might confuse them a bit.

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What does fiverr actually discourage… Asking for a feedback or asking for a positive feedback?

Any mention of the word review seems to get sellers in trouble with Fiverr.