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You can create a maximum of 20 Gigs Warning


I received the orange bar’d notice that “You can create a maximum of 20 Gigs.” yet, I only have 9 gigs active (3 inactive). Any way to get around this or is it a one-off bug and will reset itself? Anyone else?


If it didn’t prevent you from doing anything, I’d say to just ignore it.


Prevented me from adding a gig. Will chat up tech support. Cheers


Reply to @marketman: Yep, support would be your best option. I was hoping it was just a random warning bar that didn’t actually function. Good luck!


Yeah, I need to post a support ticket. Still get the warning bar that I have too many gigs - although I don’t. Weird but I;'m sure they’ll figure it out. Cheers!


No problem.


I discovered the reason and thought I quip here what happened. Apparently the fiverr system was caching. I contacted support and they did “something” which helped fix the problem