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You can earn $100 per day easily on fiverr

I quit my office work to concentrate on fiverr.

I am not yet at $100 mark , but i am heading there.

when i signed up for fiverr, i didn’t concentrate much on my gigs, especially on marketing ,

but today i sit in my home office and work on fiverr.

I am an academic writer and researcher and i am able to reply to my buyers on time,

bid on projects on fiverr everyday and market my gigs to social sites like Facebook, twitter and pinterest.

Thank you fiverr for within a short time i will be a level two seller!


I hope you will be doing well.

My advice:

1 - Remove your fake profile picture and use your REAL picture.

2 - You’re selling writing services… work on your grammar :wink:


Here’s a little math:

Each Gig is worth $4, base. Therefore to make $100 per day, you’d need to complete 25 orders.

At 500 words per order, that’s 12,500 words EVERY DAY.

Can you do 12,500 words each day? :slight_smile:


I agree with all of the above. CLEARLY your profile picture isn’t you. You stole a picture of an attractive women in hopes of increasing buyer trust. Also having a 90% rating at level 1 is pretty bad. Also the way you attack customers who give you honest feedback is incredibly unprofessional. It’s also a bad sign when you have a writing gig but receive feedback saying “not bad just a few spelling and grammar errors”. As a writer and editor you should have NO such errors. That would be like if I got a review saying that I was good at everything besides virtual assistance (my gig is for virtual assistance).

Sorry to be a downer but there is no way you are going to make $100 a day on Fiverr. I would be shocked if you were able to do $100 in a week if you don’t make a lot of changes (meaning change everything).

Just being honest.

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Reply to @joethorn: Yes, its like 30 A4 pages per day. I doubt it can be done and keep high quality. Even if you retype it is not easy to do, lol :slight_smile:

My writer struggles when I give her to write more than 2500 per day, she wants to kill me!

But you always can hire a subcontractor, pay him $3 per 500 words and get $1 for you!

I think that’s the right !

I have been making around $3K/month for the last couple of months on fiverr, and I can safely say it is quite possible. Follow fiverr rules, be punctual, make your clients happy and receive a lot of positive ratings and you will be there. Actually I could have made more but my outdated PC made it impossible, so I put together a new rig to be able offer more services on fiverr and I am aiming to have a steady $4K/month at least. Fingers crossed!

You sure about that? Because I don’t think it’s BS at all.

You are doing great Job !!! How much hours you work on Fiverr . How u manage your daily work ?

M sure you work more than 16 hours/ day ? m i right

Usually 6-7 hours a day in front of a computer. I do not sell a lot, but my average selling price is $17 at the moment (meaning I earn an average $17 per sale) which means my extras sell a lot, and I sometimes do custom jobs at around $150 - $500 when I have time, but for the last couple of months my basic gigs have been taking all of my time, so I stopped doing custom jobs.

My average is 33$ so far hoping to increase it more . I do mostly custom orders and work around 3 to 4 hours/day A free Tip to you . You are good at video animation and editing why not you try Your own Video Testimonials Gig… That can also boost your business.

I have lots of animation design & video editing related job ideas but I think I will start offering them on fiverr when (if) I become a Top Rated Seller. Besides I do not have so much time, so I do not want to bite off more than I can chew.

You are saying right . I am also working as individual . Most of the top rates sellers and level 2 sellers work as team or Group of 2 3 people to handle more orders so without this option we cant increase so much sale

I’m not so sure about that. I’ve never worked with anyone else.

I was worked with 2 other guys until recently, but now I am on my own and things are getting more difficult already. I had to set up a strong PC of my own to be able to handle my orders and it still needs work, which is why I had to pause most of my gigs :confused:

Yeah thats what i was talking about . The problem in my side is here if you train a person he will get training and next day he will make his or her own account to work individual. I am working alone from day one but thinking of making a team.

Can you refer any of your clients to me also. I am at $50 per month mark.