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You can Get more Order by using this tricks


You can get more order by promoting your gig. We all know this fact but there are lots of websites and social media sites for promoting your gig but which one is the best? Any idea?

In my opinion, Pinterest is the best social media site for promoting your gig. There are huge buyers in this site you can’t imagine so let’s start to promote your gig from today.


Whao! thanks alot for the info. But is there any other site aside Pinterest that’s also good for promoting gig???


wow nice suggestion :smile:

thanku :slight_smile:


Wow nice research.

I think facebook is also helping.


all sites are helpful


Yes. I get buyers coming here from my Insta and Tumblr pages. Just make sure you keep it business-themed and actually do mention/link to your gig or Fiverr frontpage


@ johnnythebold what is tumbir?


Not Tumbir, TUMBLR. I’m not sure if I can post links here but if I can, I’ll gladly show you my page.

I post my logos and photo/video edits over there, then mention I’m open for comissions and link back to my Fiverr frontpage. Same on my insta.


thank you @johnnythebold