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You can lead a horse to water

The other day I contributed to a forum post originated by a seller who was wanting to know why they weren’t getting any sales after six months on Fiverr. I was intrigued. A quick look at their seller profile, gig titles and descriptions held some clues…

Very low level of English, basic grammar errors, phrases that made no sense, famous brandnames that were spelled incorrectly, other misspelt and mangled words, odd punctuation, and I don’t think the seller knew how to use upper and lowercase letters. To me it shouted: Do not hire me. If you do, I will get your job wrong. I should add that the seller was selling services around video graphics and text.

I offered a gentle appraisal suggesting that the seller look again at their profile, and I offered some suggestions around the use of spellings and the importance of getting the names of some of the most famous brandnames in the world correct. The basics. I am certain I wasn’t patronising. I would even say I was enthusiastic and encouraging.

While my post was ignored, other posts about responding to as many buyer requests as possible and staying online for as log as possible, along with other such nonsense, were all enthusiastically endorsed by other people, with the seller thanking everyone else apart from me.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not sulking. But it got me thinking how some sellers don’t realise the importance of getting their profiles accurate. After all, our profile is our shop window, it’s our sales pitch etc. In this example, so many things were wrong - but the seller, and other respondents were blind to it - completely missing the obvious.

The reason the seller wasn’t getting any sales is because his profile and what he was offering made little or no sense. Why would you buy such a service? You wouldn’t.

But tonight when I saw a similar request for help from a different seller, I was again intrigued - but this time I stopped myself from replying. My experience of the other day simply reminded me of the old saying - you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

Unless you get the basics right, you’re not going to make any sales.


This is mainly due to the increase of “Meksells” who have come into Fiverr, “post social media” and “10 buyer request” have taken over this forum, if you ask me that is some BS. Now everyone who comes into the Fiverr forum just sees “post social media” etc… It is no wonder that people are thinking it’s that simple. What you said was the real advice, but unfortunately there are too many gullible people.


I’ve given up on replying to those posts for the most part. It’s pointless. They’ll never learn.


You’re seriously too kind and polite for those kinds of posts. Don’t do this to yourself. :slight_smile:

People cling to the same algorithm (promote on social media/be online 24/7) because the alternative of it would be to make a good product that actually sells. And that would require skills, talent, time, effort and all that other boring nonsense. Don’t bore people, move on.


And this is precisely the reason why in the past 10 days I typed and erased multiple times:
" @english_voice Would you be so kind as to evaluate all my GIGs, I would really appreciate it"

I am scared to the core what monstrosity you will find in my GIGs that I missed or using wrong or just plain rookie mistakes.

I am still collecting my strength every day to do the above.


I’m new to the forum, what does this mean? I don’t know what these categories are and I’m curious

Yeah right, interesting, those 22 sales must have magically came over to you right?

I don’t understand why the rude answer? I said I’m new to the forum because I started using it in the last weeks. I don’t know what meksells are, or what “post social media” and “10 buyer request” people are and I asked you if you could kindly explain it to me. What did I do wrong?


oh, sorry misunderstanding on my side, I thought you were trying to take the p*ss out of me. Ok, so basically a lot of people here believe that just “posting on social media” will guarantee them sales, well this is false! And a “Meksell” is basically that type of person.

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“Dear bro, sir, mam, how do I make sell?” That’s a meksell.

They usually give terrible advice like posting your gigs to social media, applying to buyer requests, etc.

They are a cancer on the platform.


Yep, @visualstudios could not have explained it any better!

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Hod u I mak sells? as in How do I make sales? as in How can I get more people to buy my GIG?

Before COVID Fiverr had a huge mass of people with no skills outsourcing or selling stolen things.

During COVID a lot of people Googled easy money online and to 90% of search results answer is Fiverr and logo sale (using online logo makers, one of the reasons 70% logo makers offer their logos in PNG #OMG).
As a result of that you have 500% increase in Fiverr sellers in April and May and 90% of them did not read TOS at all and when they are lost since the money is not pouring in as that guy from YouTube with 60 subscribers said it would, thy come on forum. And after 24 hours on the forum, they start to share their advice.
Share your gig on social media, Send 10 buyers to request a day. Copy-paste other description, use tags, change your title, offer everything for 5$ to get first sales if you get bad review deleted your account and start over etc.etc.

Anyway, if I had support from Fiverr that they will not Flagg me for doing it I would go on Fiverr and mark all the users who are using google images as portfolio “original” work. Just yesterday I searched to see is one photoshop remover guy honest and his portfolio image aka evidence of his removal BG skill is used by 45 other sellers.


Yeah, and the fact that they don’t get anything out of it makes me clueless… Like why, just why…?

I discovered something yesterday and I need to investigate more but I seem to stumble on the dark side of Fiverr.

Try to follow this with me:

New seller, call him DUDE, account from May 2020, logo maker. 10 orders completed.


Khm. Why him, how 10? Seems strange, doesn’t it?

In his buyer profile he has 5* reviews, guess what he bought?

A 5$ logo from XY and ZZ.

And XY as a buyer also bought 5$ logo couple of times from U2.

And U2 bought 5$ logos from ACDC… and then I had to go to sleep. But …

They are all sellers of logo designs.

What do you think on that?

One hand rubs the other and we are all logo designers in two weeks?


Wow, yeah review for review, that is desperation at a lowest in my opinion. You want to start earning, you have to work hard for it. There are no “easy and fast” shortcuts, honestly there are too many people who come here to Fiverr expecting to make a lot of money fast only to find out how tricky it is, how HARD you have to work, something which most Meksells can’t do, hence they start going in a different direction (doing review for review).

Ohh, I get it. Indeed, I found it weird how many “how do I get orders/make sells” posts there are. I mean, why posting a new topic when there are already 1000 posts with the same topic and you can just read the answers to those? In good faith, I thought they were just very bad at using the forum (since most of them seem to barely know how to write in English), but I guess I was too naive :joy:


It’s not a matter of working hard. It’s a matter of being good. If you are highly skilled, you can make a ton of money with very little work. The problem is, they have no skills.

Fiverr is partly at fault here, they market it as “everyone can sell here!”. That’s false. If you’re an idiot with no skills, you really can’t. You’ll work yourself silly and make nothing. There are premium skills that are worth it. Not all work pays.


Why don’t you be active, share to social media, send buyer requests and be all the time online, Spam on facebook groups. :smiley: It helps, since 70% of people without sales tells you to do that, thats how u can get sucess on fiverr.
Telling you how to be sucesfull even they dont have more then 5 sales in 3 month or even 0


@english_voice Horse to water calling in. I will do the drinking. I have decided to stick my neck out. How do you feel about checking one more time, last before the Elvis leaves the building, seller on Fiverr, and give her your opinion on her GIGs? Be brutal, that is the only way I shall learn. But do it in DM inbox so I can suffer in shame privately :pray:


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There’s that, too. Many of them have never been on a forum before, and have no idea how to use it. And it can be overwhelming when everything is new and you’re from a different culture and desperate to make some money.

On top of that, there are countless gurus and courses and what not advising them to post on the forum “because that’s going to make them respected members of the community and bring them sales”. It won’t (especially if they’re saying “thank you for the useful tips” and parroting nonsense advice), but they don’t know that, and even after you explain it to them, it’s not what they want to hear, so they keep doing it. Because they trust that guru (who basically just took their money for the course and doesn’t care about them at all) more than they trust a random person on the forum.