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You cannot perform the action

hi everyone

please anybody tell me whats the meaning of this

when i open fiverr app on mobile then there is message ( you cannot perform the action please contact customer support )

what is this?


Hi! For starters, please include a screenshot as it is quite impossible to get the context from the description that you provided. What was it that you were trying to do when you received the message?

now it is automatically resolve it

no this is not like that

i think its fiverr server problem

It happens to me occasionally, it is a bug from the app.

If there’s a network glitch anytime I launch the app it will keep misbehaving until I restart it.


The buyer account and seller account are the same, one account.

You do not have buyer account or seller account on Fiverr, you have ONE account.


yeah you right. thanks for replying👍🏻

I am not talking about that. i am talking about you saying that

If anyone does this both accounts will be banned, their email will be blocked.