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You cannot write Papaya in message box. lol!


When I am sending a message to one of my client, I wrote the fruit name “Papaya” and Autocorrect is giving a error messagestating that I shouldn’t ask for money, outside fiverr. lol.

Fiverr Admin, Please check your system again and remove this word from your list.


Fiverr TOS Violation Issue

I think, since the word papaya has the word “pay” in it, this word is getting flagged.


I have to say, I thought this was BS, but I just went to try it.

RIP papaya lovers on Fiverr, and good luck to papaya vendors trying to find help here!



touche lol

20 bloody chars


You can’t write papaya because of this . This is some kind of payment processor like paypal,payoneer,skirll etc


Paypal is also a forbidden word. Often when a buyer’s purchase fails, I have to instruct people to check on their paypal if the purchase did go through before contacting support. :confused:

And “Pay attention” is also forbidden.


I’m really bummed out, I was planning to sell papayas and even draw papayas for $5 on Fiverr


I’ll buy that!!! :laughing:


I honestly really really love you lol


I wonder if not everyone should start to add 1 sentence about papayas to all their messages. We could give a big boost to the employment rate for CS staff in fiverr cities…

Yes, I read it’s a payment provider, but there must be a better way to deal with papaya anxiety than that.
It’s no good feeling to have to censor one’s own messages when simply talking as one does, with absolutely no harm to fiverr on one’s mind.
I also don’t think that many people as fiverr thinks even would want to give their personal contact and finance info to every other Internet stranger. I’m quite happy with not having to give that to everyone buying a 5$ gig from me.


Yes i tried and that’s absolutely funny.


I love papayas ( they are pricey in Tokyo), if you were selling them for $5, I’d gladly order from you! I hope you do international shipping! :laughing:

Joke aside…I guess you get flagged if p and a and y are in the same word.

What other words are like that…?
Are there any???


There is a better way. It’s called a Regular Expression.


Uhh, if Fiverr’s going to do that, better block “authorize” too. And “stripe”. I can keep going if you want…


it isnt for

The triggler is for simple basic terms such as money, pay, email.

Try typing this word (not a real word):

It gets flagged immediately after typing the y.

Their point is simple:
Do not talk about payments before taking the order. (Your price is already listed, so the only thing you can talk further is the COST for any custom offer)


List all words that contain pay
79 words found.


won’t paste the actual list, but there are quite a few and that thing ignored my spaces between the letters so that’s even only those that directly contain ‘pay’


Here`s a method, I use in such cases-
(I am removing the method to avoid misuse)


Smooth as butter, I don´t even need word for that lol but as a translator, proofreader, writer etc. typing papaya päpäyä might lose you the job instead of your post being rerouted to T&S, not sure if that´s a good deal :wink:


You break the ToS, you get banned! If you don’t you aren’t, pretty simple. However, I should delete that post as someone could use it in a wrong way. Btw, yeah that option isn’t for writers, but as a graphic designer I am good with that.