You Can't Expect The World For $4


Ugh! I know this is not the first post of this nature, and sure not to be the last lol!

99.9% of my buyers are great, but today is New Year’s Day and its been filled with messages back and forth from a demanding buyer that expects far too much for $4. I even offered kindly to cancel since they want more than my gig describes for $4, yet they declined the cancellation…

I’m really just venting though! I have many buyers that are happy to pay very well for my services :slight_smile:

Wishing you all a Happy New Year–and don’t let pushy buyers get you down!


I think one of the challenges is that as sellers we shouldn’t just offer a “Mutual Cancellation” We should make it a conditional.

So in the box says something like…

If you want to find another seller who may be able to meet all your extra needs the are beyond the scope of my offer, go ahead and accept this cancellation request which will give you a 100% refund. If you do not, understand you’re agreeing to joyfully accept the terms, conditions and scope of this gig as advertised, as well as, the joyfully accept and acknowledge such receipt in any feedback you wish to give.


I agree. Even if we are limited to “x” amount of cancellations per month to ensure that the option is not abused.