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You Cant Find A Single Mistake!

I Make My Gig Page Without Any Mistake,

If Anyone Can Find I Will Be Surprised, But I Don’t Think Any Mistakes…

thank you freelancemm, jtengle, celticmoon for your replies, now i fixed my every single gig mistake you can see…

Also My Gig Description is Organized…

Self-promotion belongs in “My Fiverr Gigs”.

Did you misspell “keyword” several times on purpose? JW

Oh snap. That sounds like two mistakes.

Reply to @celticmoon: I feel his pain. In general, it’s probably a case of limited amount of word usage. In order to explain gigs like ours we have to use certain words numerous times, and that can get to be a pain when there is only a few words to explain certain aspects. I am going to go ahead and assume he did it just so that he could still explain the gig in a clear and concise manner. Just a guess, though! Not really sure why he capitalized the first letter of just about every word though…

Reply to @freelancemm: Because Marketing Or Something

There are some pretty weird grammatical errors in regards to your description, and you might not want to… uh, capitalize every letter.

Some things to consider:

“Same As Described” is not proper in any way that I am aware of, anyways.

"I Will Give, All Available " I have no idea why a comma is there.

Those are just quick things to look over.

In general though, sounds like a pretty reasonable gig for those that don’t know how to do that kind of stuff. Nothing time consuming, and it’s a good idea for a gig as it’s quick and easy to deliver. Gives me some ideas for some new ones I can create.

Reply to @jtengle: I Guess So.