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You can't get your 2000 page work proofread/edited anywhere for $5 BUT HERE


Being a high-school student, I think what better way to spend the summer than getting a summer job? Since I am lucky enough to not have to deal with expenses at my early age, why not mix a summer job with my passion—writing? I have been searching site after site but finally, after a few days, I realized there is Fiverr.

I offer my services of proofreading and editing 2,000-page work for only $5 because it is my passion. Of course, I want to make a few bucks here or there, but for the high-quality services I offer, I am charging really low.

Since I consider this my summer job, I am very dedicated to this gig. I set aside many hours to fulfill orders while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Anyway, good luck to anyone and everyone trying to reach their goal on Fiverr. I love to see new users succeeding with their gigs.

If you want to check out my gig, here is the link:

Anyway, thank you for reading and I hope to see your order in my inbox :sweat_smile:!

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