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You can't go to the 22-page on the logo gigs page

Hi, I am tried to going 22 and more pages.
But unfortunately, when I click the next page(21) or click 22 number.
it not showing more gig. also another problem I found gig searching.
I am afraid my all gig not showing in search by keyword.
if I found that it is very lower positions. But I am doing well even last 11 days ago. I did 50+ orders last month on a gig even I have 15+ orders running, But now no new order I get no new message.
all gig was fine a few days ago even my gig ranked upper, but I see it’s very lower now. that is may a problem for not showing searching.
also, not only my gig, I saw a sort of gig same situation so I think it’s a bug.
I don’t know when it will fix.
but I really need soon.

Thank you, But I think teem can fix the issue,