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You can't sleep?


You can’t sleep? Me either…Let’s Can’t Sleep Together and Follow the Dreams our Targets with the stars <3


:keycap_ten:/:keycap_ten: that’s got to be the weirdest post of the week so far… :wink:


hahaha ! How are you today smiler?


Grand thanks - hope you are too, apart from not being able to sleep. Maybe read a book or watch TV?


No… there is a client who don’t want to sleep :smiley:


Sorry, whaaaat? :thinking:


I have absolutely no idea what this means.


Hi Jonbass,

absolutely it’s something like a joke ! When I trying to sleep I remember about orders and I am coming back to my pc from bed :smile: I talked with few of my friends who’s doing fiverr for many years, they said It’s normal If you do freelancing :slight_smile:


I see. I did not laugh. Perhaps I missed the humor somewhere.

Perhaps it might be better if you just sleep, and check your orders when you awake, rested and refreshed. Sleepless nights, wondering constantly if you have orders is not good for your health.

Yes, it is normal. It has always been this way.


thank you for kind advices jonbass ! :slight_smile: I am trying to do it


I think that is common for the freelancers .May be I have slept at night 10-15 days from last year . Now it is now my habit of working/learning at night. I sleep 10 AM everyday and awake up 2-4 PM. :blush: .


You’re quite safe here”

(The Art Of Noise, “Paranoimia”, 1986)


That’s the client’s problem, not yours. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture. I doubt that this client is paying you well enough to justify torturing you or ruining your health.


I guess the only way people will understand how much harm they’re doing to themselves by not sleeping, will be when they start getting sick… :roll_eyes:


Yah I agree with you @codepanda Because absuletly it’s happened with me when i get my 1st order . I’m going to my bed and after 5 munit i’ll come back to my PC :laughing::laughing::laughing: