You chose to cancel this order. ***** needs to accept or decline within the next 48 hours. ****** Declined This Offer


This buyer, ******** forwarded an offer to my notification concerning a work to be done for one day.I delivered the work but he made an option for revision two hours after delivery.I made an effort to deliver a modified work but he was not satisfied with it.I opted for cancellation of the offer two times but he declined it boasting that he will give me a bad review for everyone to see.I suspected an act of fraudulence and theft in this buyer and want this community to take immediate action aim at getting my earning to my account.Many thanks.


Well, you can speak to CS, but he may be genuinely unhappy, and require a refund.

Fraud and theft - hmmm - have you done a Google search for your profile picture?

Should also have said, please removes the buyer’s name from your post - you’re not allowed to name buyers or sellers on the forum.


May I ask what service you provided for him?