You collect my gig and I'll collect yours


Here is my gig:

Then I will collect one of yours.




Collected your gig

Please collect mine

Anybody on this discussion, please collect my gig and reply to this comment, I’ll follow your too.



i collected your gig here is mine:



Reply to @lowell12: Collected yours:P



I collected your gig too !! hope you will collect mine too. @hdxd159


Reply to @harry11: Thanks harry. I have collected you gigs! :smiley:



Reply to @designerd111: I have collected yours too.




here is mine.


Reply to @mranaskt: Collected


hi all collected could you collect this gig please


DONE! Mine is:



Done! mine is here

Xiexie :)>-


I collected your gig. Here’s mine.


I did collect your gig please collect my gig also any one in here collect my gig and reply here I collect all that gigs too thank you


Please Be active in my thread also to exchange collection here it is :

I do Reply who posted in my thread for collection back to them

Thank You


Here is mine, it is new because I had to make a new one - there also is another gig of mine your can link from there. THANK YOU!!!