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You deliver the order, but they refuse to pay

This is what just happened, I have been working for two days one of programming task just to make it work perfect, for a small profit, and when I sent the order guy said that it’s not complete.
I have all the proofs that I have done all things right.
This my first job and I’m already disappointed. He got all the code and instructions, and just gone. He think that it’s not working so he asked me for website where it’s working and I sent him, but he still doesn’t know how to set it, and he doesn’t want to allow me to set it, although it is not my part of the job. So if he can do it, everybody can.
I still have not canceled the order so my question is: How can I report him for that and is there any solution?
Thank you for taking the time to read this. Doneby :slight_smile:

Fiverr you reported on the support so that buyers in the block, there are tons of such buyers.
Or you can listen to them softened

it is easy. You should not cancel the order. Reject his cancellation request. If he threatens you to post a bad review (i have been there and know it), just be very calm in your messages. Let him do what he wants. Taken snapshots, attach them in a message and contact customer support. I hope it helps.

And for next time, especially if you deliver source codes, deliver a preview version on your private server and once they approve it is working like they want, ask for accepting the order and then deliver the code, not before because you never know - or take the risk of buyers who just steal your work.

For example my videos are protected by Fiverr watermark, when a client marks it as completed, they receive unwatermarked video. So I think the same principle of seller protection is valid also for you, just not automated.

Be strong as there are also fair buyers who will appreciate your hard work.

Thank you for your answers and support, I feel better already, I will use your advice. :slight_smile:

just like what happened to me.
a buyer made all his requirements known, I created custom offer for the requirements.
after finish coding the script perfectly based on our agreement, all of the sudden he keeps coming with revisions, I did over 11 revisions for him, just to please him, and to avoid bad reviews.
will you believe that, after I finished pleasing his last revision he finally gave me a bad review, this has affected me from using buyers request.
if I had known I would have cancelled the offer, buyers can be so frustrating #angry

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Nobody can understand what you just wrote.

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That is crazy, and sad at the same time. So there is a lot of that kind of buyers… Anger is never a good solution, I’ll rather choose to laugh on how he had fooled me. xD

You can get negative feedback removed by Customer Support it it’s unwarranted. Then you’ll be able to use Buyer Request again.

Take screenshots of your conversation with your bad reviewer, demonstrating that you produced the work, tried multiple times to appease the buyer, and worked very heavily, and then a screenshot of the review demonstrating that the buyer still was unfair.

But a quick note: don’t try this if you were in any way unprofessional! Customer Support favors the seller, but only if the seller is completely professional, polite, and reasonable.

I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. But, in regards to the review you left for that bad reviewer, you’re right – other reviews mean you must be doing something else right!

I think he means -
you report the buyer to fiverr’s customer support, so that the buyer is blocked. There are tons of blocked buyers.
Or, you can send a message to the buyer where you list the options of what you can do for him.

who will understand if a woman will not…

Not because I’m a woman …rather because of 18 years teaching English as a Second Language :slight_smile: