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You do not have permissions to access the requested page

Please can anyone help me to access my fiverr account. I cannot login to my account when i open the fiverr website then the error comes that " you do not have permission to access the requested page"
Please help me anyone to resolve this problem



I am sorry you are facing problems.

Change your browser and try again (or clear cache and cookies) then try again.

I did it i tried to open the site on internet explorer browser and cleared cache and cleared the data on chrome browser and in the app aswell but facing the same error. How my account has been restricted i didnt do any wrong on fiverr even i am new on fiverr

It seems that it is not restricted, I can access your profile page.
I have no idea TBH;… Contact CS. This is the weirdest problem so far.

I have sent an email to CS. Recently i recieved a message from customer for order and got the notification by an email and when i opened the email and clicked on the reply button then it redirected to the fiverr site but then it shows the error that " the site is currently down" but when i directly open the fiverr site so the error shows you do not have permission to access :confused: thats extremely wiered for me and in the same time my friend live near to me can access the fiverr

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I sometimes have these kinds of errors, but when I clear cache and cookies, they usually disappear. Try clearing history as well. I hope this it it.

Have tried everything but the same issue

Did you use multiple tabs to browse the site?
I used to do that many times to search for sellers to work with. I opened lots of tab and I seemed to be blocked temporarily for a few hours :smiley:

I just used to open 2 to 3 tabs. My account will ne recovered in future or not?

You can reset your browser and then restart your pc. It should be ok