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You do not have your new Christmas sweater, do you?


Hello my dear friends, winter is already came.

If you want to be prepare for this winter you need this awesome Christmas knitting design in your home.

Use it in many ways, as a real sweater design, as a poster, invitation, cards, SO MANY POSSIBILITIES.

:santa::santa:Bewareee, only one month left until Christmas, ho, ho, hoo:santa::santa:


Great !!! Your link takes users directly to your gig! :smiley:

Now you need to take away the unlimited revisions :wink:


I hate this save button…Screenshot_1



Patience is a virtue and in Fiverr, it’s mandatory to cultivate it else you may perish :roll_eyes: :smiley: :wink:

Next to the “Save” option, there must be another one that says something like “Save & Preview”. I have found that one to work beautifuly.


Indeed my friend, the truth has been spoken!