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You don\'t have to say how much you make but what is your average hourly income?

On Fiverr that is. Does anyone track this? When you consider the average you make on a gig and the amount of time it takes to fill it. Obviously it differs per category and that’s what I want to know so if you can please state what category it is. Also I know gig extras make a difference so maybe you can list the calculations separately.

For example:

Logo design - $9 per hour (state period last week/month etc) - 50 total orders

I know y’all can present this better so I hope someone puts it in a better format

I have no way of averaging. Mine varies greatly. Category has nothing to do with it for me and I sell in multiple categories depending on which gigs I have off pause. When I do aim for a financial goal, it’s always based on a month at least. If I tracked hourly with all the ebb and flow it would be useless to me. In the brief recommendations I’ve seen by staff, they recommend a minimum target of $5 per 15 minutes. I don’t know how many people actually use that as a goal.

Hi smeguy, how much is yours? I don’t sit in front of the computer X number of hours per day doing nothing but fiverr so I can’t compare it to an hourly rate. I have no idea how many hours a day I work because I come and go constantly.

At the end of the day, it comes down to value for time. I prefer to work on a high paying custom order than an over-demanding low paying task. With that mentality on Fiverr you will not get many frequent orders, but you will have more free time. You will also find return customers who value your service.

Sometimes I just give free advice even if the customer does not order from me. Do not be salesperson to the buyer, become a consultant. This is my experience in my niche (Web Solutions) .


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I don’t get out of bed for less than $10k/day, darling. Because I’m worth it.

Yes it is not possible to count, because I think everybody does many other things while working, also pauses etc

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