"You don't have any active Gigs"


I just responded to a buyer request, then I went to my Profile page and instead of seeing my two Gigs, there’s a box with a notification saying I don’t have active Gigs and to create one or view my active/paused Gigs. I clicked and my active Gigs show, so at least they didn’t disappear completely. I did NOT edit the Gigs recently, so I guess it is a glitch?

HELP! My gigs aren't showing on my profile page!

I can’t see any active gigs for you I’m afraid.

Have you paused them?


I have 2 paused Gigs and 2 are active: Translation & Proofreading and they do show as active on that particular page (and so far I’ve never paused those two).


Could be a bug? Hope you get it sorted soon! :slight_smile:


You might want to contact Customer Support. with screen shots. I don’t see any active gigs for you either. It’s unlikely your gigs are being shown in search or anywhere if they aren’t even shown on your profile. Good luck getting it resolved!


Thanks fonthaunt and offlinehelpers. Last time I checked (Friday) everything was fine. I’ll contact Customer Support.