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You don't have enough gains for withdraw;s


Hello fiver Team!

2 days ago I added a payoneer payment method in my fiverr account,
And today just 10 mints ago, I proceeded to withdrawl, when I clicked on withdraw to fiverr revenue card, It said withdraw initiated check your mail, but suddenly due to my mistake I don’t know, browser closed…

I again opened the browser, and opened my fiver account When again I went to earnings page,
All my balance and available for withdrawl was there, same balance before closing the browser

now when I click on withdraw to fiver revenue card it says, You don’t have enough gains for withdrawl…

Can anybody Tell me whats happening… How I can withdraw my funds, I have 108$ there…

Kindly help me…


We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.

Here is the link for Customer Support:


The OP was only looking for some help.

On the app, if you go to the support section, there are only the choices of help & education, leave feedback, forum and blog - there isn’t an option for CS at all.

Even on the main site the CS link has been made more difficult to find.

It’s understandable that more users are coming to the forum for help with things like this, although it isn’t the best place to get specific help. :slightly_smiling_face:


Talking from experience…The very first time you clicked the link was the time your fund got withdrawed to your payoneer…if you immediately open a new tab to withdraw your fund again you will get not enough gains simply because there is no more fund to withdraw…check ur mail to complete your Withdrawer process as said in the page…