You don't hear about the good ones


If you come to the forum, you will read your share of buyers complaining. Since we normally only get the buyer’s side of the story and not the sellers, I’m skeptical if we get the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Yet, there are tons of good sellers on Fiverr. I guess it is human nature to post only when you have a complaint but rarely will you see a post on the forum when a buyer gets what they want and are happy with the results. Again, it is human nature to post when you have a complaint and not to post when you get what you paid for.

It’s unfortunate that a lot of buyers try to paint their problem with one seller as a problem with all sellers. It is just not true yet you constantly see buyers post “Sellers are scamming buyers” or “Sellers are liars”, etc. When I see a buyer try to paint all sellers from one experience, I immediately think the rest of their post is probably over blown and more emotional than facts.


I think people do see the truth.


Reply to @landongrace: Not sure I follow. So you think when a buyer complains about a seller, they are truthfully giving both sides of the situation?