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You don't need a video to rank high in Fiverr!

Just add a VERY GOOD gig image. The first image must be extraordinarily good and of high quality.

It should completely communicate your gig description with just the gig image and gig title.

This one small realisation made me a Level 2 Seller!

I should have posted this earlier, but got busy.

All the best sellers!

Reply to @roskopeeko: Sound advice

Reply to @inspiredtony: I agree. Sellers describing their gig in video definitely increases their trustworthiness.

But some new sellers assume that just about any video will do. So they just upload a video of slideshow of pictures. They’d be better off having no video at all.

good work

Whether you have still images or a video, a successful portfolio is built around high quality content that is on message.

You’re advertising your gig in the wrong section.

Yes :slight_smile:

how is my gig then???


I don’t use videos on here solely for the reason that I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve tried viewing them and they fail to load or end up playing the completely wrong one, not that it’s the sellers fault most of the time it’s at Fiverr’s end but still what is the point if they don’t even play properly? That’s more than likely to turn potential customers away imo, so I don’t bother with them, I concentrate on sending out my samples with physical proof of the standard and quality of my work and conversing professionally with my clients, that speaks far louder than any image or video could and ever will! :slight_smile:

Reply to @fastcopywriter: You don’t know how hard I laughed reading this, I have the fastest broadband connection available in my country on a home made rig with a high end network card, it’s not my internet connection, it’s Fiverr, surely you’ve figured this out by now? :stuck_out_tongue:

  • BTW I wasn’t trying to sound condescending, I know you were trying to help but when you’ve worked in IT for as long as I have it’s the little things that make you giggle, if it was at my end I’d know about it and spend hrs trying to fix it but I just know it isn’t in this particular case :slight_smile:

I started taking Fiverr, please shows me the xai in my gigs.

Good morning. I have been on Fiverr since June 2015, but no sale. I need some advice please.

Video is good for your gig presentation

I have to say adding a video to your gig in certain categories is a must. For example video testimonials, I don’t think you will get regular sales just by displaying an image on your gig.
However if you are in the logo, photo shop category a great image is the key to success :wink: . Good luck to everybody out there.

But I think to add video in place of image could be better for your sale.

At the end of the day no matter how good your images or videos are it’s redundant if you can’t deliver what you promise, I mean how many dodgy sellers on here steal other sellers images and vids, quite a few judging by what I’ve seen and read on here, unfortunately.

Well, different stokes for different folks. Congrats.


the videos actually worked for me…i might not really be a good graphics person but i believe videos get you closer to a prospective buyer.
i will love to see the person i’m buying from if i were a buyer.