You don't need to click the Paypal button, just the withdrawal link, an old one, to withdraw funds


I just now clicked on the link that is sent to withdraw funds to paypal, an older one in my email, and it caused a withdrawal to begin to process.

I didn’t have to click on the Paypal button and my balance went to $0.


And did the money really go to your PayPal account?


sigh I wish, the balance is at zero but I do not expect it to go to Paypal. At times it has gone to zero for about an hour then the funds again show up in my fiverr balance.


Too bad. I was hoping that you found a way to solve the problem, and finally get your funds.


Nope not yet. This is maddening. I wish CS could simply send the money to my account at Paypal and bypass the buttons while this is happening.

At this point I’m just glad it even reappears in my balance eventually.

If they could just send me the balance, then I could try my other email address at Paypal and experiment to see if that one works by switching over to that email.

I don’t want to try it with $1700.

It’s scary it takes an hour to reappear in my Paypal balance, and scary they told me twice it was Paypal’s fault, that something was wrong with my account.

And scary I get the message my withdrawal was successful when it wasn’t.


Fiverr should consider implementing partial withdrawals as I’ve seen on another marketplace, where it was allowed to withdraw only a specific amount of money - I mean, as a seller and a buyer, you might want to keep part of the money for future planned purchases while at the same time not keeping the whole earnings in your account since you’d also need to withdraw parts of it.


I agree.

And in an unusual situation where a seller can’t withdraw her earnings because the Paypal button is not working they should manually send the earnings to Paypal.

I am left hanging here unable to withdraw my earnings not even knowing if it is being fixed after being told twice the problem was Paypal’s when it is not.


This sounds like such a nightmare. I am so sorry.
I am wishing you all the best and I hope you will get good news soon.

Have you checked the e-mail connected to your paypal? I had something similar happen, but it was because I tried sending over $1200 through paypal and my account was flagged for “possible laundering or tax evading etc” stuff. They sent me an e-mail to tell me they have halted my account and there was a notification on my paypal too. So basically I had to send an email to Paypal with my identity, my proof of address, and a small explanation etc. It took about 48 hours but everything worked after that. That happened about a year ago. I would just straight call Paypal. They have a number, that is what I did and was on hold for ten minutes but they answered all my questions.
Keep us updated! :heart:


I’ve had the same Paypal account with the same email almost since Paypal was started.

This might be a large amount that triggers some kind of block.


Ok, that is something I don’t recognize.
I know sometimes Paypal flags “unusually” large sums that was what I thought it might be.
I had my paypal for three years before the event happened with me.
That is so strange that is happening, what if you tried changing paypal emails? Can you even do that?
So Paypal says it’s Fiverr and Fiverr says its Paypal? This is like a dog chasing it’s tail. What the heck is going on? I am so sorry! :cry:


I don’t remember trying to send as much as this before so it might be some kind of security block from Paypal. As I recall the most I’ve sent before was $1200.


Yes! I feel that it might at least be a different road to take since the rest are coming up as dead ends. Hopefully this will be solved for you soon though.
Like I said, I am so impatient I just called the toll free number for Paypal and had a back and forth conversation to get answers. It was easier than trying to understand the messages.



I had spoken to a manager at Paypal about this, but fiverr CS wanted to see something in writing saying my Paypal account was ok. So this is the first that I’ve seen anything about some kind of block on Paypal’s end. Maybe this is the answer to the mystery.

My suggestion to all is to keep your Paypal transfers to less than $1200.


Maybe this happened to fiverr :rofl:


Hahahaha can you imagine. :joy:
At least if that Is the case there is a solution.:green_heart:


Ever since I was robbed by a hacker and lost hundreds of $, I never let more than $50-100 in my Fiverr account. I know, I have probably lost thousands on all the withdrawal fees throughout the years, and while I still feel robbed at least I wasn’t robbed by a hacker, only by Fiverr or PayPal :sweat_smile:


I’m sure I’m not the only seller who has tried withdrawing over $1200! If Paypal blocks larger transactions this must happen all the time.


If that is the case why not try withdrawing a smaller amount to see what happens.


I would if I could but that is not an option.


You don’t have to withdraw your full balance of you don’t want to. I always leave some.