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"You earned $3.40" (on a 5-dollar order)


Is anyone else having this bug? I already contacted customer support, but I’m curious. I highly doubt there has been a sudden change in how much sellers get from each sale…

It’s just 60 cents less than what I’d normally get, but still. I’m just glad this didn’t happen with one of my bigger orders.


There was another thread yesterday i think.

It’s because the buyer had a coupon or somekind of discount via one of fiverr’s programs.

Fiverr is trying to offer discounts by taking it off of your pay.

Contact CS and tell them this is not going to fly.

Everyone should check the amount earned after an order is closed.


That doesn’t sound right! :confused:


There was something posted about this yesterday or the day before. It is related to a Fiverr discount offer. You should contact CS as it shouldn’t affect your seller revenue.


Thanks for clarifying! I don’t know what frank_d was talking about…

"Fiverr is trying to offer discounts by taking it off of your pay.

Contact CS and tell them this is not going to fly."

I have a hard time believing they’re purposely taking money off people’s pay.


Nope it is not a bug as far as i know. Check your revenue clearing status of this order in Revenues. This order must be from promoted gigs.

If you haven’t promoted your gigs, then this would be a bug.


Fiverr is giving away promotional codes and they subtract the discount they give new buyers from sellers revenues once such codes are used.

In the real world, there would never be any direct link between your average business marketing department and the cash register. However, this is Fiverr.


I never knew it, they cut it from seller’s funds. This is injustice. Its not us who are offering there codes, its fiverr who is doing it. Then they should give it from their pocket not us. Other wise, no need of promo codes.




It’s kinda sneaky that they are offering discounts at the seller’s expense. :flushed:
[insert clueless image here] news to me.


This is not fair on us sellers. If fiverr is doing any promo, its fiverr business not us. We shouldn’t suffer in any way. CS need to look into this matter urgently.


What?? Fiverr is offering a discount and so I lose money? Not cool, Fiverr. If I’m not offering a discount, I shouldn’t see the cut. That’s a huge percentage.


@cyaxrex has there been any official statement on this? 'Cos I don’t see why we should all go on overdrive until there is one. For all we know, it could just be a bug. So…

B.T.W It’s not a smart business policy under any condition (even if I’ve seen some weird policies on fiverr). I really hope that’s not the case. If it is, I hope it doesn’t get to me.


I think some of us our jumping to conclusions here. Customer Support hasn’t gotten back to me just yet, so who knows. I’m still leaning towards this being a bug because it hasn’t happened with any other orders.

I’ll keep everyone posted. :slight_smile:


The Fiverr forum is at its best when it jumps to conclusions :wink:


You might want to read Ryan’s post :wink:


Looks like they screwed you out an extra 20c!

I have some pitchforks–only $5 apiece! (or thereabouts–it depends on my commission from


No wonder I have I have like $56.01 in my revenue! Where did this come from?
Is there a way you could tell how much the buyer is spending? Because I’m legit going to cancel the discounted orders to be honest.

Update: I have an order where a buyer bought a gig from me for $1.60… I can’t even.


Got a screenshot? The bugs are spreading… go and handbag CS!


I will kill that bug with my Bug Repellent. :grin: I hope this will not spread. We already have too many bugs!