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You get what you pay for but this is ridiculous! Want to cancel

I wrote this big rant & it didn’t post. Perhaps this will be nicer :slight_smile: I hired someone here to do 2 things, design a business card & then after design a responsive website based on the business card, you know so they would match. I was given a custom price & was told 3 day delivery. On the 3rd day, he sent me a message saying just a few more hours. 2 days later, I send him a message saying “Can I have an estimate of when I can see the samples so I can adjust my timeline here”, totally being understanding. Within TEN MINUTES of sending the email, I get CRAP back. It’s like he had templates that he just slapped my info on. My logo/colors are brown & tan/pink. I got green & bright yellow back. Now I provided him a mock-up of something I sorta liked to start with. I told him this element was very important. That element was not on any of the samples

I also got the “website” but it looks just like the mock-up that I didn’t like. There was no dummy text as discussed. It’s a complete disaster & now he is on vacation. This is over 11 days old. I’m in my right to cancel right? I am soooo mad.

You have the right to cancel if he did not deliver as agreed on. If you are having any further difficulties with that order, please submit a ticket to Customer Support.

Either request a modification of the work or request cancellation. In the latter case, you will be refunded the money you have paid and be able to approach a new seller who will hopefully deliver much more competent work.

Whatever you do though, don’t get disheartened. Fiverr is host to some of the most talented people who work online and although you can come across sellers who can’t deliver the level of quality that they say they can, you will eventually find someone who will blow you away in terms of quality of service.

You can ask for a cancellation from customer service if the seller is not around. There are very capable skilled sellers on fiverr but you just have to find them.