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You Get What You Pay For

The artists here are amateurs! I guess that’s what you get for $5, I’ll stick to using the artists I know locally and actual pay for quality. Now I just need to figure out how to get a refund, the other thread I read on obtaining a refund is (not surprisingly), false!

I am an artist.

I can’t speak for other artists here, but I have become widely known as a leading ‘artist’ in my industry.

I do strive very hard to ensure quality in all the works I produce.

There are many professional artists on Fiverr. Don’t let your bad experience with one gig establish your view of everyone. I myself am a professionally-trained artist as well. I have a degree in the art I offer in my gigs. I, and others like me, are about as far from amateur as you can get. :slight_smile:

I want to know what the lead time is to design a logo. I waited for a 28 days for the first version of the logo which I requested for a redesign as I didn’t get what I had originally instructed. I was advised by the designer that it would be modified accordingly, but the job is appearing as completed and waiting for review status. I have messaged the designer but haven’t heard. I want to know if I have to wait for another 25 days or does it get done sooner?

I’m not complaining, just trying to get the information so I know how long I need to wait.

Below is the package I purchased:


design PROFESSIONAL Text Logo with Icon ×1 25 Days $5

EXTRA Design 1 Extra Unique Logo ✚ TOP Service ✚ Work 3 Extra Hours on Logos ✚PSD> ×1 + 3 days $40

Total $45

We also get our share of amateurs buyers.

I don’t quite get the order nor the extras. IMO, redesigns shouldn’t take that long unless you’re scraping the old completely and starting over on a clean slate. Like users above have said, request refund from seller and don’t let this experience be the basis of other designers/artists here on the platform.

Yes, some artists are amateurs, some don’t know what they’re doing, but there are many talented people here, you can judge them by their reviews, portfolio samples, etc.

To the guy who waited 28-days for a logo, why do that to yourself? Not worth it. A logo like a brand name is very personal, my advice would be to hire 5-logo designers and see who does the best job. Hire a mix of TRS, level 1’s and level 2’s.


I have over 14 years of experience.

I’m not for only for money here, but for my passion for design.

Reply to @steveeyes: Amen…

Reply to @steveeyes:

Oh, yes… absolutely.

Don’t paint everyone with the same brush

There are a lot of talented artists on fiverr. A lot on this forum. It’s quite rude of you to downgrade their hard work like that. That’s just my opinion…

While I can’t speak for every artist on Fiverr, I just purchased a beautiful logo from GraphicGirl1. The first one she sent was excellent but I didn’t feel that it conveyed the essence and energy of my site so I wrote her, provided a sample of something similar that I liked, and she was back within an hour with a fantastic logo that looks like I spent thousands.

If you weren’t happy with the results you received, you should at least give the artist a chance to make it right. If not, reject the order and try a different artist.

Reply to @tboome:

Well said!

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