You get what you pay for


Just like the ttle says. the designers on Fiverr are terrible. You can look at “Their” portfolios and they could look great but from my experience either the seller put up fake portfolios or they are just plain lazy. Stay away from the logo designers, the tshirt designers and the

web designers cause they are all crap


Have you ordered from every single seller operating in those areas? Nope, I didn’t think so.

My guess is that you’ve ordered 1/2 gigs from each area, been dissatisfied with the results (perhaps you expected a miracle for $5) and so you made a generalisation that “all sellers in XYZ niche are crap”.

You do indeed get what you pay for; this is real life, not a fantasy world (now the Bohemian Rhapsody is stuck in my head) where sellers sit at their computers for 24 hours a day hoping that you’ll honour them with $5.

Up your budget, provide ample instruction, and remember that whatever you receive would cost 10x the price elsewhere.


I have worked with over a handful of designers, I have also read other posts on this forum about designers. If your gig says “$5.00 logo design check my portfolio” then it is exactly as it says! 5.00 logo design. I have much deeper pockets then a crumpled up and torn 5 dollar bill that sits under the seat of my car trust me, however…I am not going to pay someone upfront $100,$200, $500 for a design that I don’t get to see first. When people ask lets see what you can do before I pay sellers are like “I don’t have time for that”. Well the buyers here don’t have time for the cheap crap that you sellers give us after we pay you the 5.00 plain and simple. If your gig says $5.00 then honor the gig. I personally would add a hefty tip at the end if I was actually going to use the logo instead of laughing at it as I drag the file to the recycling bin. DUECES


Several suggestions for you to find good logo designers:

  1. Skip the first three portfolio images when you look at the live portfolio of designers, as they’re uploaded by the sellers themselves, but not real work samples.
  2. Read description, buyer reviews carefully and contact sellers before you buy. Observe. You should have a feeling whether (s)he is a true designer or not.
  3. Ask for modifications or request a refund.
  4. If you’re really disappointed at the outcome, and don’t want to bother requesting refund, arguing with the seller, contacting support, or leaving negative review, find sellers that provide draft before you pay. Such sellers are rare as their aim may not be making the most money, but rather taking time enjoying their hobby, and satisfying customers with quality.


This is like hiring a designer anywhere on the web. YOu don’t always know what you are getting. That being said there are some things you can do to minimize a bad experience. I wold look at what they write in their portfolio. Does it say anything about working professionally in any capacity? Or having a degree in something? Or does it just say I love computers and design so let me make this for you…kind of a write up.

It also depends on how extensive a buyer wants something, it is only $5 after all, you aren’t going to get 3 concepts , 4 rounds of revises and high end files for that price. Though some may over deliver.

I am curious what kind of design did you need? And what was your actual experience/problem with the sellers here?


all I wanted was a logo, I left the designing up to the seller, all I said was that I would like the colors of the 12th man flag incorporated into the logo, I sell seahawks and mariner merchandise, the name of the site is WeAreTWLVS and just look up the 12th man. What was delivered was nothing like I asked for


Ok, but just so you know for the future, that is not a good method for buying a logo. Never leave the designing completely blank up to the seller. Did you tell the designer about your business, showed them a few examples of other websites with logos you like…No designer is a mindreader and what you have in your mind could be totally different. A good logo has a lot of marketing background behind it. What the heck is WeAreTWLVS? What does that mean? I looked at the website, its’ really, really a baland website, so you kind of got what matched, and it doesn’t look like there is much merchandise being sold there, when one goes to the product page, you only see two photos, and they are not so colorful…so not too much for a designer to go off of.

Plus that burgundy in the 12th man website would probably not look so good on your site.


Reply to @kmacwatters: Wow! You say serious words. That is why I don’t post any logo design related gigs. Because it’s always subjective and requires lots of revisions. People have different tastes. But I plan to draw portraits in my own style, because I can guarantee the result and people will understand from the very beginning what kind of final product they will receive. So, if you would need an unusual present for a friend, please, check my page on the next week. I think it will be available for you and other people.


Reply to @kmacwatters: Also, I like portfolios on Behance, but they all start from $300 and even higher. But, you can see wonderful results. Here is one of my favourite designers on Behance.

Also, please, have a look at this amazing illustrator. Enjoy! :wink:


Reply to @kmacwatters:

May I ask. If you have deep pockets and money to spend. Then what’s stopping you from hiring a seasoned professional, and pay him/her $50-$150 an hour? Or even hire an agency for $200/h.