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"You have 1 new comments in in your order files" - No, I don't!

I’ve had this issue for about a year since I began with Fiverr.

Other than the regular “REVISION REQUESTED” and “Revise your delivery to avoid cancellation.” I get for orders, I receive “Please revise the delivery according to my comments below. Thanks,” together with a notification with “You have 1 new comments in in your order files”. Now, there are no comments for me to view anywhere, and nowhere can I see these comments on the file that I delivered. I believe viewing the comments have worked for some orders in the past but not for the others. I have tried viewing the comments on many computers and devices but this does not solve the issue that I have. I have received this bug or issue a couple of times now and I would wish to not have an issue like this since it affects the delivery time for revisions and possibly the ratings left by some buyers.


I have faced the same issue multiple times. Sometime the comments are visible and sometime i receive a notification that you have X new comments and when i open that notification then nothing is there.

Hi @hydragraphics
I’m Ran, from Fiverr product team. Thanks for reporting this, I’ll have a look


Hi, to share an update - we looked into this case. It seems like it will be resolved as part of a broader fix we’re about to launch. Since we couldn’t reproduce the specific cases, I’ll report here once the fix is in place and ask to see if you still encounter these issues.

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