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You have 17 new buyer requests! Check them out

  • Get a notification.
  • You have 17 new buyer requests! Be the first to make an offer. Check them out.
  • Click on it.
  • First request I see:

  • Immediately leave Buyer Requests.

Just don’t open Pandora’s box.


Yeah, started getting those today. Very annoying, there’s never anything good in there.





:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: My exact reaction to 90 percent of Buyer’s Requests


“And don’t offer a free consultation. Of course your time means nothing so I am fully entitled to it without compensating you at all. Also, even if you deliver a perfect job I will still do my best to squeeze every last bit of work out of you and do my best to screw you over to the point where I get all of this work for free.”

How does one have 30 years of (what I’m assuming is) professional video editing experience without learning the value of one’s own time? :thinking:


“…And do not reply to my request.”


I mean at least it’s not $5…
I can sense some rage from possiby a prior BR (I’d assume a few people offered their video editing skills) but… even then it’s a bit… yeah.


I am looking for professional people with more than 4 years experience: my budget is $67.

Not to mention that if you have 2-4 years of experience, you are generally a joke. I’ll put my hand up that this is an amateur filmmaker who snaps together amateurish little films, but likes to act like he’s Steven Spielberg at parties.


I had some requests that i wrote couple months ago, was looking for someone to make one of my drawings to be done in another style. My request was declined by fiverr because who knows why. And here is this 30 year expert guy gets to publish this? I understand some sellers really wear you down with their lack of knowledge and insist in the buyers request section. But this is next level.

That is not correct in many ways.

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I hate everyone. :roll_eyes:

I’m guessing that “15” means 15 offers sent?

“… And shut your mouth when you’re speaking to me.”


20 years of experience and he can only afford $67, which is an oddly specific amount. Maybe he wanted to offer $65 at first but then he found some spare pennies behind his couch.


I genuinely dislike these notifications. I don’t know whose idea these were but I definitely am not a fan.

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Update on that - there’s an option to turn it off or filter them by price in the seller plus page. I just deactivated my notifications.

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I used the price filter since I saw a post in another thread, works fine too, unsurprisingly no notification ever since, and I didn’t even set a high price out of curiosity.

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Thank you :pray:
I already sick of these notifications :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::exploding_head: