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You have got to be joking - Sellers can no longer view buyer profiles

So, a nice chap just went and ordered a $20 gig but not for a 500-word article as described. No, they wanted an R&D paper outlining how they should build their very loosely detailed business.

Really? People actually think that they can say: "I want to start a business, I’ll pay this chap $20 to tell me how."

Two things stand out about this order though:

  1. There was nowhere in the resolution center for me to give my reason for canceling being that the buyer had ordered by mistake or had ordered a service I do not provide. Instead, I had to select ‘other’ and manually type (with limited characters) my reason for canceling
  2. As I just discovered with this buyer, it is no longer possible to view any buyer profile (at least for me)

Click a buyers profile, you just get taken to the Fiverr website footer.

So there you go, Fiverr does watch what we say on the forums and have just taken away the last tool we had to weed out problem buyers and scammers. - Namely, our ability to see when they joined.

Thanks, Fiverr. It’s really good to know that you purposefully are doing everything you can to make sellers lives more difficult. :-1:

Edit: The much more serious implication here, is that sellers will now never know whether CS just canceled an order due to a buyer requesting they should, or a chargeback. Moreover, since CS now only says ‘a dispute was raised on your order,’ this effectively slams the door closed on any pesky sellers asking for chargebacks to be challenged. - If indeed they are chargebacks.

Let the scammer Olympic games begin.

Mod Note: Staff have confirmed this is a bug.


Yeah, I posted about it here.
Hopefully it’s just a bug

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I don’t know if it applies to your case, but often times that means Fiverr has realized they are a scammer and have kicked them out. Fiverr’s way of dealing with these situations is, unfortunately: they don’t. Sellers lose rating, time and money, regardless of the reason.

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Hmm, I just checked on a 3-yr old deadbeat buyer on my to-do page.

You’re right. Something is different. Seems like a server glitch. (or, Has a change been announced and I missed it?)

yep. cant see no buyers anymore. They can see through us… and we just dont even get to see 1% of them.

This is really bad for sellers and we will face a more difficult time deciding if each buyer is actually a true one or a fraud.

I can see buyers either BUT maybe fiverr is doing some technical stuff? I noticed this earlier!
Response time: 4 days

It’s 4 hours, so I refreshed the page a couple of times and it corrected itself… Maybe it’s a temporary glitch?:expressionless::no_mouth::crossed_fingers:t4::woman_shrugging:t4:

Also where they are from! But at least, I can find this in the message box on the right. It displays the buyer’s location :slight_smile: (till now!)

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yes, mine says response time 23 hours… very much not true, and not what it shows on my phone app (under an hour).

Mine also does the same thing, click buyer profile, the profile starts to appear and then really fast switches to website footer


Hahhaha this actually made me literally LOL ^^^^^ :joy::joy::joy:

Mine SHOULD be under 1 hr! I am online all day doing school work, and answer all queries in under 10 minutes! The only time I don’t answer as fast is when I am (trying) to sleep… at which time my phone volume is on 0 :zipper_mouth_face: :sleeping:: :sleeping_bed:t4:

I’ve asked them about it a gazillion times, and they say they are re-setting it etc… but… :eyes:

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I explained to them that it’s not something that can be fixed by “reseting” or whatever the heck it is that basic support can do. that its something wrong with the code… so they’ve pushed it forward to the devs at least

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Right… Oooooo that’s good! Hopefully they fix the darn thing! Super annoying lol :zipper_mouth_face::no_mouth:

yes i also cant see buyer profile it shows for 1 sec and then the footer overlap it

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Well, for anyone who held any hope that Fiverr would stop penalizing sellers for buyers placing orders in error, it’s over.


Where previously, sellers could give their reason for canceling as: The buyer requested work, which is not offered in this gig, - All such cancellations now get categorized as ‘other.’

The point? Since ‘other’ could mean anything and seller metrics are 100% automated. there is now no way the system can treat error and mistake orders any differently to any other cancellation, even if Fiverr wanted to implement this feature.

Also, keep a hawk eye on your cleared balance and actual vs Fiverr make believe cancellations from now on.


I never accept requests to cancel orders from buyers. The buyer initiated cancellation seen here is, therefore, news to me. - Unless this is referring to the only order which a buyer has managed to have canceled recently. Specifically, one which I refused to cancel but CS did on my behalf. - Yes, this means that some cancellations are getting counted twice.

Then there is the seller canceled section. - This is also lost on me.

All my cancellations over the past 60-days, have been accepted in a matter of hours by the request recipients. All aside from a buyer who after 2 x attempts to cancel, I delivered since they refused to accept a refund and insisted I do the work. (Yes, it seems that when sellers hit the cancellation button, this counts as a cancellation, even if an order is not actually canceled.)

I will bet my front teeth that buyer profiles and things like my ability to set revisions on orders disappearing are not bugs. Changes like this, sellers having to manually complete orders, and the new dashboard, all seem to merge into one (planned) unholy atrocity of take-sellers-for-granted-ism.

EDIT: As seen above, my analytics state that I have 8 cancellations standing against me. I have now manually gone through my orders and in reality, I have only had 5 cancellations over the course of the past 60-days.

This means that as I suspected, some cancellations are getting counted twice against sellers. Either this or getting counted when they shouldn’t be. Cancellations in question are:

  • CS canceled orders. (Where a seller refuses to cancel and a customer gets this done manually by CS)
  • Orders which are not canceled but which sellers attempt to cancel but later come to some kind of agreement with a client

Talk about madness.

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wtf? this is ridiculous if they really not allow seller view buyer profile anymore. Hope they are just updating the buyer profile page so it’s unable to view it at the moment. I start getting so worry work on fiverr, it suddenly changed things then made seller feel so miserable and uncontrollable. I’m already adapting fast to their new rules, I have perfect score but it seem still not enough for them to playing the game. How about we work for free, unlimited revision, or even we pay monthly fee to fiverr just to get a place to sell on fiverr, will they do that? hopefully not.

Mod Note: The buyer profile issue is just a glitch, confirmed by staff.


yes I agree… It happened to me aswell… there is no way of seeing them… on forums like upwork and freelancer there is an entire profile of the buyer with their buying history… and money they spent… hired how many … verified or not…
Guess fiverr should also do that…
OR SHOULD WE ALL START A PETITION instead of just TALKING here… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Mod note: link removed

It happened to me too, I guess is just a nasty bug. Hope it will be fixed soon.

I wish it is fixed… if its just a bug

Petitions are for publicly-driven political causes. I doubt any sort of petition would have any effect here on Fiverr. Fiverr is not a political cause, and, as a private company, they are not obligated to honor any “I don’t like the way you are changing your business” petitions. That’s just not how petitions work.

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I think there’s still a way to influence that if a high number of unhappy people is present. Saw petitions like that in the Change website. Directed towards big companies, and made a change.

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Friendly type suggestion - you might want to remove that particular link as it’s quite political? :wink:

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