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You have got to be joking - Sellers can no longer view buyer profiles

Thanks about that. :call_me_hand:

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Yes… I meant the same… there should be a way to report our concerns… together…

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The “bug” is at CSS level. A .hidden class is applied to the block that displays the user profile:

 <div class="mp-box mp-user-data-new hidden">

where the !important directive overrides the other rules :

.hidden {
    display: none !important;
    visibility: hidden !important;

Gosh @pacquo - you’re very good at all that! :slightly_smiling_face:

I just call them all bugs!


If you’re this web-savvy @pacquo, is there any chance you could just… You know… Hack your way in and fix everything? :slight_smile:

Note: This is a joke. Not to be taken seriously.


Oh! just after reading this post, I did try to view profiles of couple of my buyers and rightly I couldn’t view anything! This is weird and something BIG. May be, Fiverr somewhere posted a note about this change or something like on the blog or twitter or somewhere? And Just wondering about what should the logic be behind hiding buyer’s profile from the sellers who have already sold Gigs to them or have an ongoing order?

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The only effective route we have to get noticed about this sort of thing is to contact CS and politely tell them what the issue is, why it is a problem, and ask them to flag it upwards.

The bigger piece of meat on the table really regards the cancellation/resolution center shakeup. Namely that it is now impossible to suggest that a buyer has done anything but possibly not paid the full price for a service.

Ordered by mistake, ordered a service not offered by a seller, none of these options are now on the table. I could order from you now, say I want a Piña colada delivered to my doorstep in an hour, and the most the resolution center will let you do is imply that you need to ask me to pay more. Everything else is ‘other’ and about 20-characters to say what that other is.

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That’s the thing, no matter how polite we are we get the same generic response every time. They aren’t gonna listen to us normal sellers.

Did you get in touch with CS about this? I really wanna know how they responded.

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And say what exactly?

**Hi, **

I am aware that a Pro seller and Fiverr blogger, recently made you aware of several concerns shared by the wider Fiverr community. With regard to this, I am also aware that you responded by saying cancellations which are not the fault of sellers will be addressed at some point.

Sadly, while I was filled with childlike joy at this news, my mood has since been soured by evidence that Fiverr is actually making it even harder to cancel orders placed in error. This and harder for sellers to even so much as identify potentially problem buyers.

Why would I even waste my time witing that @ssj1236? Something like this doesn’t happen due to someone spilling their coffee or Ted in the IT dungeon having to take time out for a sudden family emergency.

Think about it. The new dashboard design is clearly designed to go hand in hand with sellers manually closing orders. Fiverr staff are already (likely) looking at the forum right now (so are aware of 6-months+ cancellation mayhem) but only jump in to rest assure us that they know we just got a survey in error.

There is a strategy being pushed out slowly here which no one is going to stop.

The future of selling is:

  • Sellers never find restitution with regard to unfair cancellations
  • All sellers will at some point not be able to state how many revisions they offer
  • Fiverr will likely use ‘user privacy’ to justify sellers not being able to view buyer profiles
  • Due to the above, sellers will never know when a chargeback has been used, when a buyer has simply gone to CS to get a refund, or when someone at HQ has decided to slip themselves a tenner for the Xmas party
  • All sellers will eventually be required to manually close their own orders
  • All the above and more are an attempt to bring near complete automation to CS to help Fiverr cut costs and profit more

Most importantly of all, why report a new ‘bug’ to Fiverr now, when as well as it likely/obviously not being a bug, they are still to fix bugs from blooming 2016?


@cyaxrex killed it people. Hope is dead. I have nothing to argue.

At this point, mass tweeting at the CEO is the only thing I can think of to fix the deep hole of despair we’re in.

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Hope is never dead. Really, we should be looking with interest at what will now come to fill the void Fiverr is making.

I had my eyes on some blockchain based startups that bellied up recently.
I’ve tried other platforms and honestly they’re a mess. At this point, I’m considering ending my freelancing career and going for that masters degreee to land a decent job.

On the bright side, E3 was great and you still got some of that sweet sweet crypto money, right?

And my very own sweet crypto website with my first affiliate marketing partner, Nano Ledger :slight_smile:

Polish your crypto blogging talents and you could be working for me one day boyo! :slight_smile:

I look beyond crypto, I stare into the future, I anticipate the next big thing which is surely beyond the horizon.

In 2 - 3 years, the craze in Political news and crypto will finally fade to make way for the next big thing. I rode the VR hype and made big money, unfortunately, didn’t get to capitalize on the crypto hype but the next big thing is definitely coming.

Fiverr if you’re reading this, please.

Hire @pacquo, he is our Bugs :beetle: Savior.

Anyway, I wrote to CS (about Buyer Profile) issue and this is the memo that I got. :woman_facepalming:t4:


Tell them this “BUG” is affecting every user on the site and share a link to this forum thread.

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I’m typing up a storm now as we speak. Clearing cache will not fix this issue. As I was reading the email I couldn’t help myself but to smdh.


Crypto isn’t going away any time soon. There are a few monumental crashes and rebounds to come but the end game plan is still a long way from completion. VR will still grow too but even at best, the industry is only valued at $30 billion-ish by 2121. That’s snails pace growth compared to what crypto is still capable of.

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