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You Have No Payment Method

Oh for heaven sakes. What the freak a frack!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’ve just tried 4 different browsers and the app to purchase. I get to the payment page and it keeps telling me I have no payment method on file.

I mean seriously? What’s with all these glitches lately. I just processed 4 gigs this week alone and it all went thru just dandy.

There is nothing wrong with my CC. I checked. Even if there was, I can’t even get to that page.

Just ranting, because I want to and this is the ranting pot. - Sigh -

Calling it a night. :sleeping:


Ooooh my, I’m guessing you’re sleeping already as I am typing this,
but I hope whatever it is that’s causing the problem Fiverr gets it fixed ASAP.
I’m guessing you already messaged CS??
I hope you hear something from them soon.

So assuming that you’re gonna be reading this in the morning after you’ve woken up…

Good morning, take a nice hot shower, pour yourself a nice hot cup of coffee or tea,
get some bagels with cream cheese or pancakes with honey/syrup, anything that can
help you get a good start! :yum: :yum: :yum:


I had a would be buyer yesterday say he was trying to make a purchase and couldn’t.

I hope it gets fixed for you Gina. It happened to another buyer who waited until the next day and it finally worked.


But hey…now you have 7 days to check your delivery in order to enjoy your holidays to the fullest…that is if after trying to place the order in different browser/devices, reaching out to your credit card company, reaching out to Fiverr, etc…you can actually place the order.

I’m not even that upset about the whole ‘7 days’, but for me this is a fine example of Fiverr dropping the ball when it comes to a crucial step whilst worried about a way less important change. For all we know that may have cost different sellers some sales.

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Something nutty is going on. When I get to the payment page, it simply states I have no payment method, but it won’t take me to the page to create a payment method.

I have my credit cards and PayPal saved on 5r, so I wouldn’t have to create a new one. I ordered 4 gigs earlier this week.

Something weird happened between Tuesday and today.

Anyone else getting this?

I typically download/review and accept within few hours of delivery. On rare occasions that I can’t, I inbox sellers to let them know and I still complete within a day.


I wonder if fiverr is aware this is happening.

Looks weird indeed, the “Contact your Team Admin” instead of “Customer Support” suggests it might be an issue related to that Team feature.

Hope it gets fixed soon in any case, I’ve recently had an issue with my card not being accepted (which works just fine anywhere else) just when I finally was about to subscribe to a service I had used in the free version up to then … it is unnverving when the most basic things don’t work, especially if you need something urgently, or after you already gave a company your details like name, address, mail, … only to then be denied to give them your money too :smile:


I meant they seemed so worried to give buyers more time (which again I’m not totally opposed to) and yet due to this bugs a buyer has to go through all those hoops (and waste time) in order to even place an order.

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