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You have some bad business on Fiverr

you look here

he was self licensed on Fiverr

while no one authentic licensed for him

that his video is actually after effects project templates were sold from Envato VideoHive sold on site specializing in graphics

We specialize in buying and I have not seen Envato VideoHive VideoHive say about exclusive allocation

His videos are not sure what to buy from Envato VideoHive that can be shared for free download in multiple forums

he self-monopoly and dishonest, unfair competition

^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS!!!

So frustrating to see people using templates to promote as their own work - it is rife on Fiverr and needs stamping out.

Hey there, @huynhkhoe

The envato licenses -both the regular and the extended ones- strictly state that you can only use each template for 1 client, 1 time. So every time a buyer orders from you, you need to purchase a new license.

Otherwise it’s ILLEGAL. What you and almost every other fiverr video seller are doing, is illegal.

I can’t stress that enough.

Reply to @frank_d: I have run out and buy after effects project templates on VideoHive

I did not find the terms of the licensing Envato

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Yes, I agree with you

thank you for your interest

Reply to @frank_d: I buy the groceries, I have the right to use

if that version free download from the internet is the problem

No one is allowed to sell videohive templates on fiverr.

NO ONE. It is illegal, no matter what they say.

And that includes you too @huynhkhoe. I see you are illegally selling two of them on 3 of your gigs.

Unfortunately 95% of videos here on fiverr, especially under the intro category are ripped off templates.

Some sellers think that trickery and deception is the way to make money. But that’s OK, it’s the market that will pick the winners and losers. If that guy doesn’t deliver great work, he’ll get a lot of bad reviews, then he won’t get any more orders.

Exactly! See my thread: