You - In Next 5 Years


Hi guys,

So today my question to all the amazing sellers is,

Where you see yourself in next 5 years.

Do you want to stick with Fiverr, and think it’s a long lasting job.
Or it’s your temporary choice.
May be you are in the process of forming company.
or something else!

May be new sellers overtake your GIG, any planning how to overcome that :sunny:

Looking for awesome replies :wink:


As long as I am traveling, I plan to use Fiverr. I haven’t decided when I will stop so I think that means I am with Fiverr for a while. Five years ago I never imagined I would be working here though, so who knows what can happen! That is a fun question! But you have to answer too! @sarahahmad :slight_smile:


My answer may be bit long, and confusing enough, lol.
I’m about to graduate as Computer Scientist (16 years of education will be complete) in 3 months. I took Fiverr serious 6 months back and I’m earning handsome amount now. The issue comes when I think where I’ll be in next 5 years. I’ve choice to either do higher education in CS, or do Job in some software house, or may stick with Fiverr and establish my company.
But I’m sure where ever life will take me, I’m ready to accept the challenge open heart,

Once a entrepreneur always an entrepreneur;

so I’ll not loss hope anyway and might form my software company within 5 years! :slight_smile:


I’d like to stick with Fiverr, but I wonder a lot about whether it’ll sustain itself in the long run, or reach critical mass in a few years and implode on itself, scattering bits of coffee, biscuits, and doers everywhere.

Either way, I’ll be here until the metaphorical excrement hits the fan. I have a lot of side projects to procrastinate on and Fiverr helps me do that.


(i’m the one on the right)


Hi Sarah,
Even though I’m a student of Physics,but I really don’t wanna go to become a physicist.(I study this subject as my mama’s sandal is well known for its hardness :cry:).
I’m strongly interested in opening my clothing boutique. I’ve started working on it and I’ll start it after one year (Most probably on my 21st birthday). In sha Allah.:relaxed: So after 5 years I might be an owner of boutique having hundred of branches :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:(I also wanna be a mom of at least twin babies after 5 years :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:I love twins :kissing_heart: )

Hoping Aman :heart: .


Alright, so you are relying on procrastinate projects, in case you ever fall from here. Well that’s good.
Best of luck!


ops, seems you have no plans. :imp:


twins are sweet, :heart_eyes:
oh you know I got admission in solid state physics in PU Lahore. Thanks God UET took me in CS, otherwise… lol. I wish you very best of luck, don’t forget to invite me in opening ceremony of your boutique. btw may I know in which city you plan to open it. :slight_smile:



Main and 1st branch would be in Mirpur.


ah great, Mirpur is quite far from Lahore. :disappointed_relieved:


Not so.On a drive of 4 hours at all.



this is balubfa12, level 2 seller and i have been working on fiverr just over 5 years.

I lost my TRS badge and featured gig and lost many regular clients because of my personal health issues and excessive mental and physical stress lead me to delay in deliveries and order cancellations causes lost of my TRS and Featured gig of my best selling gig.

Now i have a plan to start a small design firm with 2 to 3 designers and want to offer more design services with exceptional quality work with quick turnaround.

So i love fiverr because i earned and learnt a lot here. so i will work better and offer more services and deliver more jobs on time with good customer service and hope to regain my TRS badge and more sales with in next 5 years.

Hope for the best. All the best for your business on fiverr.


Your story is really motivational. I wish you and your team get X100 more orders and have huge success. Best of luck :slight_smile:


I may be on Fiverr in five years. I only do a few small gigs a week at the moment while I’m trying other, new things. If those other things take off then I’m not sure if Fiverr will be the place for me. If I am on Fiverr in five years, I doubt I’ll be selling the gigs I’m selling now. I already know what I want to do instead but it requires some training and I don’t have time right now. We’ll see.


Uh, who’s the dude on the left then…?


me…:rolling_eyes: @djgodknows Right Dj?


@sarahahmad Well No plans, I will just go with flow… :upside_down:


Well I liked your simplicity. :yum:


I checked your profile, your work is excellent. But trying something new always keep you active. I suggest to start working on your checklist. I’m sure you will achieve your goals soon.