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You know sucsess tips for fiverr journey?

hi fiverr friends !
fiverr what are most important things for sucsess.that is what we all know something .do comment here on the best feedback from what learned from the fiverr journey .so that by gathering everyone’s opinion from here ,we can win in the field of fiverr more essily .even many new saller will find the right guide line in this comment box .thanks everyone

  1. Don’t keep asking the same Q everyone else asked and ignoring the advice already lying around on the ground waiting to be picked up. i.e. don’t be lazy.

  2. Test advice against common sense. If it can’t pass basic common sense, either your assumptions about how the world works are faulty, or the advice is dangerously wrong.

  3. Just because everyone seems to be doing it, doesn’t mean it is good thing. the successful people are normally doing something different. Work out what that is and how you can do that - your way. Clones never survive.

  4. Treat people at least as well as you would like to be treated.

  5. Explain yourself always. No none knows what is in your head except you. Knowing what is in your head is not a test of coolness or ability. This applies equally if buying or selling.

  6. If you don’t understand, ask nicely. Don’t just ignore it because it is hard.

  7. Understand the concept that we all rise together or not at all.


BTW I fully expect that most, if not everything I wrote will be ignored by all but those least in need of this advice :wink:


thank you for give your own advice

If the spelling remains same, I am sure ‘‘sucsess’’ will come.