You know, Suddenly I see some seller using gif format animation picture


You know, Suddenly I see some seller using gif format animation picture in there profile picture so that they can get attraction from anyone. My question is, Is it allowed in fiverr? Actually I’m also interested about that. Is it allow so I can make my one too.


No - animated PNG files aren’t allowed - apart from anything else it’s health and safety.

They can bring on seizures in epilepsy sufferers.


Imagine everyone doing that, and a bunch of flashing images on every page of Fiverr, and you’ll know the answer.


It’s not allowed and I have reported sellers who do that and you should too if you see it. You can use the little flag button on a gig to report it.


Okay… I will do that


But I saw few top-rated sellers also using animated png in profile picture :neutral_face:


Report them if needed. Don’t use it yourself.


Where did you get that it’s not allowed, I want to read it? I didn’t know that gifs are just working on the site and that’s it but yeah I’ve seen some too.


Please feel free to ask CS yourself - I did, and they told me they’re not allowed.

There’s a warning on TV here before any news story which contains flash photography for the same reason.

I’m not saying this for a laugh BTW - there has been epilepsy in my family so I’m a bit careful about stuff like this.


I’ve been more concerned about the high-powered multicolored strobe lights being used on every emergency vehicle I see nowadays (along with multiple sirens at the same time). They’re visually disturbing for everyone, imho.

I was pretty sure the system didn’t even accept GIFs, or did that change? Of course it doesn’t stop other animated image files (there’s even a JPG spec that includes it).


It’s doesn’t - they’re being uploaded as animated PNGs, as the system accepts PNG files.:wink:


I really wish people would stop trying to sneak things in. It’s like telling someone “no” nowadays virtually guarantees they will spend an inordinate amount of time doing it, just to say they did.


Dear all I contact with fiverr support they said it’s allowed to use animation (gif) picture as a profile picture But only don’t allow in your gig that’s all

GIF animate profil

It looks like he did not see or realize you meant a moving gif. They definitely do not allow them.