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You know when America wakes up don't you?

Sorry, bit of a tongue in cheek post here, but I just had to share my observation.

I’m not sure of the demographic of the buyers of Fiverr (maybe someone can share?) but I do laugh at around 3pm (GMT) here in the UK. I crack on with a lot of outside work (sorry Fiverr, I do have work outside of your platform) and also work within Fiverr without any interruptions - and it’s great!

Then around 3pm+ (GMT), it goes ballistic! Messages and orders seem to flood through…

Am I right in saying buyers on Fiverr are around 99% American?


artworkking said: Am I right in saying buyers on Fiverr are around 99% American?

IDK. I'm American, East Coast. I get a good share of orders from Buyers that are 6 to 13 hours ahead of me (from Europe to Vietnam to Australia). Since they are ahead of me, I see many orders come in during my overnight. By the time I wake up, get to the studio to start my day, they are punched out for the day and enjoying their happy hour, dinner or night time activities. Often, from the time we make initial contact to purchase, several days go by.

Historically, I get hit with more orders late on Sunday nights after 11pm. Makes sense if the Buyers are in England or Australia. It's Monday morning or afternoon for them!

It may depend on your gig, but I would say most of my buyers are from the U.S, but not 99%. It may be under 40% with the rest of the 60% spread around the world.

However, my stats may be because of the type of gig I have. Another type of gig may get more American buyers, but I have no stats on that info.

Reply to @voiceoverwork:

It’s an awesome way of working isn’t it VOW? Whilst they’re sleeping, you’re working - like a little elf!



Reply to @steveeyes:

I’d say at least 90% that have bought my main gig are from the USA. Maybe there are no experienced ‘retro’ designers over there? :slight_smile: