You know you have been on fiverr too long when this happens


I woke up suddenly this morning and started yelling “OMG;OMG its all gone red, its all red!!!” I jumped out of bed and fell over the dog and stumbled to my office and then got to my desk and then realised something as I was about to switch my computers on… it was 4AM and I had dream’t that my orders were all late…back to bed I went.


HaHaha Awesome !


WOW, same as mine ^^


:)) That’s really cute.


Heh, and I though that I’m the only one having Fiverr nightmares ツ There should be a section on this forum specially dedicated to fiverr nightmares, to see what people’s nightmares are regarding fiverr :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, I’ve had that late delivery nightmare a few times now, and every single time it makes me jump straight out of the bed and check my orders ツ

Other fiverr nightmares I had include my account being closed with no reason, hackers hijacking my account, and so on.