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You know you’re spending too much time on the forums when

*You’ve faked a stomach bug, but really you’re writing “post your gigs on social media and add your profile url to your email signature,” over and over again in the bathroom.

*You Instigate a fight with another parent at your child’s football game, just to get home early and catch up on that, “Fiverr unfairly took my money,” thread.

*You’ve caught yourself telling your children to check the Fiverr tutorials during homework.

*You offer “gig getting” advice to anyone in any coffee shop with a laptop.

*You look at people’s Fiverr profile to decide whether or not you like them and whether or not you’ll scold them for an issue you weren’t even there for.

*You’ve ever had to “stay late from work,” and by work I mean, “refreshing the ‘latest option’ because if you’re not the first responder you may as well be the last.”

*You image search everyone for fun and because you never know when you might need to blackmail somebody.

*You’ve argued with an automated Forum message and lost.

*You print out and pin your forum achievements on the refrigerator. Look kids, Daddy doesn’t even look like that, so take that drawing down and recognize the importance of my “most hearted post.”

  • You can’t make out human faces unless they come with a circle around it and a “I’m new to Fiverr,” written next to them.

I open the floor to you. How do you know when you’re spending too much time on the forum?


…When I realized that I know a biiiiiit more about some of my fellow forum posters’ lives
( and they live overseas) than my actual coworker sitting right next to me at the office. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


*You’re trying to decrypt someone’s opening post which doesn’t contain all needed details in the needed clarity for you to help them answer their question but still feel you should try to guess and help them, then go to read ToS and Help Center for them to dig out what the issue may be, because you think they might face a ban if they won’t find out … and then get distracted and carried away by reading ToS wording and Help Center articles … and finally your post doesn’t turn out as it should have, and you begin to actually understand some of CS’s what the hell answers you got yourself to some of your questions, and swear to yourself to only ever post in just for fun threads in future and not to try help anyone anymore … once more …

Now there’s an idea … :thinking:

*You actually think that discobot is an actual forum user and actually ask them things like “Should I spend less time on the forum?” @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Yes


Alllll right. That’s it. I’m off. Good luck to you all, live long and prosper :vulcan_salute:


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

*You wake up and check your gigs, budget your time, grab your chair pillow, grab your coffee and get ready to work… on responding to your forum thread… because work can wait.


Oh. Wait… are you assuming that any of the contributors here are actual people? I’m sorry to inform you that we, the great forum collective, are not real.

At the risk of being deprogrammed … I’m going to let you in on something … you are the only real person here.

In fact, this place was specifically designed to monitor your reactions. We are analyzing the effects of repetitive posts and it’s subsequent depletion of the human brain.

Now, I know that kinda makes you sound like a lab rat. But you can’t look at it like that. Imagine this, we searched far and wide for a candidate that lived up to our “logical” standards. It’s you champ. You’re the one. Plus, you totally got to wake up in your very own twilight zone episode. That’s rad by anyone’s standards.

Yes. Bots say rad. Typically we wait until humans are out of the room - but when you blood runners (as we like to call you) are away, we’re all about saying all the latest slang from the 1980’s. Well, some of us. Okay, mostly me.

That’s another thing. I’m sort of a hold over, grandfathered, beta version from the 1980’s. I can’t even begin to tell you how badly my contemporaries treat me over stupid things like, enjoying the 1980’s classic “short circuit.” So what, I enjoyed Genesis. Look, you can’t sell that many records and be unliked by everyone. I ran a generalized, populous consensus and according to my calculation 1 out of every third person is a Genesis fan. 1 out of 10 people enjoy dancing to the song “That’s All” in the nude.

From there the stats get pretty weird. I can’t even begin to tell you what 1 out of 30 people do when they hear the song “Take Me Home,” but I can assure you that television remotes were not intended for that purpose.

Anyhoo, that’s the long and the short of it. This is a social experiment. You’re a rad human. So have fun with it. In life, you just have to enjoy the ride. So I hear. I’m not technically alive, so there’s a disconnect on some of these cliches for me.

And that’s another thing. Let us not use the word “disconnect” again. Spooky stuff.

Have a nice day.

Oh, sorry, you’re mistaken. While I haven’t been in on it and not part of the great collective, I’m not a real person either. But I’m still really sorry, and I used to be, I guess that’s something. Have a nice evening, collective.