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You know you want a sketch/songand my medical bills need paid, let's help each other out

As my title says, you want some sketches/art or me to sing anything and I need to pay off medical bills. I still have pills I need to fill and copays to pay. I help you and you help me. I am disabled and love to draw and sing so lucky for you I can give you some art,lol. Already had one happy customer. Added a new gig as well. Just message me if you have any questions.


Updated with a new gig.

Message me for any questions


This is my personal opinion, but you might want to remove the part where it says “something to help me make any money quickly to help pay for my medical bills and other necessities.” in your gig description. I understand your situation and I’m sure others will too, but it could also come across as unprofessional and desperate.

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